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About Membership of The shiplink.info
<terms and conditions - click here !>

Welcome to The shiplink.info who is providing worldwide ship link information.
There are two types of membership - a free membership and a full membership.
The free members are able to register, edit their offers and their contact information in free of charge and enjoy the contents in The shiplink.info. But they are not permitted to access to the other members' contact information.

The benefits for the full members.
 By purchasing a full membership, you are able to enjoy the following benefits:
The full member will have unlimited free access to the full details of the database of The shiplink.info. And you will be able to see the contact information of the other members who posted offers, so you may contact them directly and immediately which may lead you a sucessful business. The shiplink.info's system will seek match offers, inquiries between members time to time and then a notice e-mail will be forwarded to the full members.  When you wish to add pictures to reinforce your offers, please forward upto 30 pictures to the manager@shiplink.info  by E-mail (suitable size 600*600 pixels / each picture) or international mail in case of hard copy. Then The shiplink.info's system keep them for one year after the reception. The full members are able to access and make copy of the documents from the site of the shiplink.info which may helpful for your business, i.e shipbrokers or traders. The full members are able to have individual preferences to be receiving any useful  information and suggestion. You may forward your offers via Fax or E-mail to our contact address, and may send your pictures(marked with the reference number and short description of your offers on the back of your pictures) via the post mail if you are not able to scan the pictures. We will scan and post the pictures in your offer instead of you.

The full membership fee is offered at
USD 50 for 1 month / USD 120 for 3 months / USD 200 for 6 months  / USD 300  for one year service.

The shiplink.info provides the information about ships on sale, purchase, charters and shipbuilding opportunity for shipbrokers, ship owners, shipbuilders and the people involved in this field all over the world.  

The free membership
is in free of charge and they are able
to post their offers and search the site freely except for the contact information. The free members also are able to delete, register, update or edit their offers and individual information by themselves. Therefore, all their offers and information shall be controlled at their will. However, in order to provide more reliable information to all members, out dated data, improper, unsuitable, misleading information will be deleted at our will.

The shiplink.info hopes you understand our policies described aboves, and would like to recommend every member keep his information in this site updated. The shiplink.info does not guarantee that all information in this site is right and accurate. Therefore, users should evaluate those information posted by themselves in their responsbility the accuracy of the information in The shiplink.info via direct contact to the providers of the information.

The shiplink.info  shall always be happy to answer any further questions about our services or to listen to your comment.

Thank you.
Operation Division. of The shiplink.info

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