AAA Growers First Sea Freight Avocados Sell Well in Dubai Market

The first Hass avocados by sea freight from AAA Growers arrived at Al Aweer market in Dubai last week.

“The product sold out quickly due to its excellent quality,” said Paul Huish, the company’s commercial director. “Kenya generally has a bad reputation in the market, but we do things differently. Fruit comes from our own orchards and we religiously check dry matter levels in the field before harvest.

AAA Growers was started by Farah and Ariff Shamji in 2000. In 2010, they purchased Simba Farm, located near the town of Nyahururu. They currently have 100 hectares in production and wish to plant an additional 100 hectares. All trees are from AAA Growers Elite Plants Nursery.

The construction of the packing station started during the Covid pandemic which caused quite a few delays in the delivery of equipment. The state-of-the-art packaging plant has a four-lane packaging line, storage capacity for 8 x 40ft containers of product and pre-cooling for 2 x 40ft containers, a 2-chamber INTRECO ripening facility.

“We want to revolutionize the way produce from Kenya is sold. We want to ripen at the source and supply markets around the world. to store the fruits at different temperatures depending on the dry matter content.

Sea freight from Mombasa can take 14 to 21 days depending on the line and sailing times. Like so many others in the industry, shipping is proving difficult for AAA Growers, the first containers were delayed by 5 days and direct shipping was re-routed via India.

AAA growers expect to export around 345 tonnes this season. In addition to having their own avocado production, AAA Growers also sources from two other major growers and exports worldwide.

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AAA producers
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