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Two weeks after the first preview of the software, Apple released the second iOS 16 developer beta with some new features.

Apple has pushed the second developer beta of iOS16 to eligible devices precisely two weeks after the first preview of the software, and it comes with some new features for the iPhone. iOS 16 is the next iteration of the company’s mobile operating system which is expected to go public in the fall. It brings a host of new features to iPhone, such as customizable lock screens, editable iMessages, and a new Apple Maps user interface. Currently, iOS 16 is in a developer beta release phase, which means only devices enrolled with a verified Apple developer beta profile will receive over-the-air updates. However, many of the changes made in these beta stages will make their way into the final public release later this year.


Even though a user must be enrolled in the Developer Beta Program, it does not necessarily mean that a user must be a real developer. Just about anyone can officially sign up for the developer beta program without any training or experience. There is a $99 fee to use all of the features offered to developers in the program, but apart from this surcharge, anyone with an Apple ID can join the developer beta program. By using developer beta profiles that have been uploaded on online third-party websites, it is even possible to download developer beta without having a developer account. Since developer betas are usually unstable times of software development, users who download iOS builds prematurely risk breaking their device and losing data.

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Not much has changed between the first and second betas of iOS 16, other than bug fixes and new developer tool additions. One surprising added feature, however, is the ability to back up iPhone to cellular data. Previously, the option to back up an iPhone using cellular data was available in iOS, but was a feature that had to be provided by a network carrier. It looks like the iOS 16 beta will now allow all users to back up their iPhone to cellular data, according to the release notes for the release. After the change, users can now back up their device to WiFi, 5G, or LTE networks. This is a great feature that allows users to backup their iPhone in a snap even when there is no WiFi network.

Apple and carriers fight spam

A few new iMessage features — some based on region — could help combat the rise in spam messages in recent years. Developers can now classify SMS messages into up to 12 different categories to sort spam into “Transaction” and “Promotion” categories. Additionally, dual-SIM iPhones can now sort incoming messages by the SIM card they were sent to, improving organization. For US users, the “Report Spam” feature – which allows users to report spam as junk – has been expanded. This information is now passed on to operators, who can thwart spam before it reaches users. Some carriers have identified callers as spam and notify recipients in the caller ID that a caller is either a telemarketer or spam. It is possible that a similar implementation will come to iMessage with the latest feature.

A few more minor changes in the second release of the iOS 16 developer beta include additions to HealthKit, the API that lets apps collect and interpret fitness data from iPhone and Apple Watch. After the update, apps can now collect and display new fitness metrics added to the Apple Watch in the beta of watchOS 9. Additionally, Apple says more game controllers and input devices are supported via Bluetooth with the latest update, but have not. provide all specific supported devices. iOS16 will likely see at least one more developer beta before a public beta is released next month. After that, it will be available on all compatible devices in the fall.

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