Arizona 6, Philadelphia 7 – Extra Inning Double Beercap

The beer break goes on, so I hope you will enjoy all my ramblings through this lovely game without foam.

PS I’m pretty sure I broke my left hand on Monday due to a bicycle accident. Pain can focus my writing or derail it; let’s find out.

Round 1: Ouch, my hand

Nothing helps pain more than an old fashioned solid.
It’s been a long week and I deserved it.

Oh… ..super… the game is overdue. Well I have to wait for the wings I ordered anyway, as the dive bar I’m stationed in is so understaffed to the point that the other bartender is the cook … and has to bail out to get more wings of the store. 2021 years

The game has just started after a 30 minute delay, apparently due to Phillies Covidness. The times we live in….

Rojas appears to start things off for the Dbacks, followed by VanMeter doing the same with Pavin also appearing. Cool stuff guys.

Taylor Widener gets on the mound for the Sneks and takes out the first two Phillies with relative ease. Sadly, good old Harper doesn’t comply as he gets a tough pass for raising Realmuto. Widener walks him around and what started out as a seemingly easy round just got a lot more complex.

Didi (whom I totally forgot was a Philly) luckily asked Walker to finish 1st, and I’m about to do a fill.

Round 2: #% € £ in bicycle tire!

Walker hits Nola badly again to lead the way to 2nd, but Peralta comes out immediately after with a single.

No hope of moving the freight train forward, as young Varsho and young McCarthy try to end our frame.

Widener on the 2nd throw a little more than I would like (22 throws in the inning) but we shoot one more bloodless. I can dig it. 0-0 before the 3rd.

Round 3: At least it didn’t break my knee….

Still nothing for our bats in the 3rd with Nola apparently cruising at this point. Meh, we’ll get to him at some point. He’s a far cry from the murderous year he had in 2017.

The Phillies draw their first blood in the 3rd with a subsequent Harper tater to lead Jean Segura and himself. He proceeds to the celebration by putting on a straw beach hat… Guess that’s one thing? 0-2 Philly

OK. Let’s go shopping.

Inexpensive seats (which have both beer and wings without the wait):
The Diamondbacks continued to make Aaron Nola look like a Cy Young candidate in the third. This included a batting against Josh Rojas who looked (and looked) like a pretty silly Rojas. The first excitement at the end of the third was on a soft lining from Odúbel Herrera. Widener used that fastball inside that he loves and sawed off Herrera’s bat near the hilt. Widener grabbed the liner as the barrel of the bat moved towards the second. Segura followed that up with a right-hand single that brought in dangerous Bryce Harper. Five lengths later, the score was 2-0, Philadelphia. Realmuto followed that up by landing a double on the third baseline in front of a diving VanMeter. Didi Gregorius flew to the center to advance Realmuto to third place. Widener blocked him there, inducing a line to Josh Rojas on Brad Miller’s stick to end the inning.

After a strikeout of 11 shots by Pavin Smith that ended in a first goal, Alfonso Marquez’s strike zone became blurry, frustrating both Christian Walker and Aaron Nola. It didn’t really matter though. Christian Walker became the sixth victim at bat (swinging off a lettered fastball) as Nola did better in his eighth Arizona in a row. Widener came back to the mound to throw the bottom of the fourth. He cornered Freddy Galvis with an inside fastball just above the hands that Galvis managed to throw into the shallow right. Herrera walked on a walk with two strikeouts, but Segura then pounced on Walker in foul ground to end the set.

Nola continued to do his thing against the Diamondbacks in the start of the fifth, including a second strikeout from Jake McCarthy. After throwing 82 pitches to clear four innings, Taylor Widener was still cleared to take the mound for the fifth inning. It probably has as much to do with how the Arizona relievers’ box has become taxed over the previous two nights as Widener’s results then. Bryce Harper led the frame and Widener quickly hit him on a 79mph baby slurve outside the rim. Widener cleared the set 1-2-3, throwing his most effective frame of the game.

Time Travel to Inning 5:… ..but I’m going to limp for a while.

Buying chicken took a lot longer than I thought it would, but now I’m seated in my man cellar with a cocktail. Looks like our two-run deficit is intact and Nola still keeps us going with 7K and only 1 allowed hit in 5 innings. Widener does not Wrong, but he’s 91 pitches versus 79 for Nola and I’m pretty sure his night is over.

More peanut gallery comments:
Despite all the talk about Widener’s job each inning and all the difficult contacts he gave up, Widener once again finished five innings and allowed just two runs. Of course, there was luck. There were also a lot of swings which resulted in the ball hitting just above the hands which in turn resulted in pop-ups or weak Grounders. In short, he was extremely effective – again. Widener threw a total of 91 shots, just 49 for strikes, but he kept his team in the game until five.

Sleeve 6: Crater in the knee allows abundant blood circulation

Ahmed opens things in the 6th with a hit, proving that Nola is deadly. A dude named Haladay only replaces Widener to appear, but Rojas hits a triple clutch to drive in our first run and make it a game. 2-1 Philly

After the Rojas fireworks display, Nola is withdrawn and replaced by Brogdon, who immediately drops a fly bag to tie the game. Brand new game now folks; 2-2 tie.

Peacock struts to the mound replacing Widener here at the bottom of 6th. Rookie McCarthy makes a superb slippery take to register the first out; Hopefully this is the first of many pieces we see of him in the future.

Still tied at 2 as Peacock struts the mound: the time of crisis beckons.

Round 7: first time I fell on the handlebars … nice

Nothing to report here in the 7th for our bats at least: 1-2-3 go the Dbacks.

Peacock stumbles in his strut to start the inning with a walk, then Ahmed makes a rookie error playing an easy ground player, leaving the Phillies in the driver’s seat with 2 in play and no outs here in the 7th. .

VanMeter records the first out and Torey immediately agrees to accompany Harper to put the double game back on the line.
The bet is drawn when Realmuto hits a 2-point single to break the tie: 2-4 Phillies

We obtain the double game to close the 7th, but the damage is done …

Round 8: I was 300 yards from going home….

Neris led young McCarthy on 4 pitches to start the 8th, followed by Ahmed reaching on a bad pitch from Gregorious putting Sneks in the corners without an out.

Marte and Rojas strike right after that and VanMeter puts the icing on the chess cake with an easy groundout after that. 2-4 at the bottom of the 8th.

Faria is sailing somewhat through the Phillies in the 8th and our Sneks are now down to one last chance.

Round 9: At least my lovely wife can take care of me while I’m lying on the sofa like a broken man….

Pavin leads the 9th with a single, bringing Walker in to hopefully tie things up. As of this writing, our boy Walker is on his way to winning the Golden Sombrero, but he just looked at Kennedy on the mound, and in his best Neo voice, he said “No”. Just like that, Walker ties him up with a double-barreled bomb in the center! 4-4 tie!

JB Wendelken comes for us in the 9th, and despite Harper walking he is able to get through Realmuto. Free Baseball !!!!!!!!

Round 10: I’ll be back on my bike next week… .unless the hurricane from Baja says otherwise.

Baseball free and with the wacky free runner rule. God I hate that extra sleeve rule.
McCarthy starts at 2nd place and goes up to 3rd on one stroke, and Marte makes that shot seem meaningless with an annihilation shot in the middle. You know it’s a good shot when the batter takes his time admiring it. 6-4 returns

Well… our pen does it again, giving up our heads to the tune of a Brad Miller home run off Clippard. Tied again and for 11th

Round 11: The game is difficult with a broken hand

James moves from Boddington’s to Snakebites. The drink seems appropriate given the circumstances. Also, if I don’t change I will run out of Boddington before the game is over. Oh look, Taylor Clarke is here to blow the game up. But wait! He made an excellent defensive play, knocking down Manfred Mann in third place. But Herrera scores a single on the next batting attack, putting the runners in first and second with just one out. Can Taylor Clarke get out of this one?

Jean Segura drops a single on the right and says: “Hell no.”

Arizona 6, Philadelphia 7

Bad juju.

Tonight’s thread was pretty quiet. The number of comments has increased a bit due to the length of the game more than the activity of the conversations. 18 commenters have contributed 286 comments this evening. A few comments from Sedona Red tonight, but only one that was ostensibly related to the game – and also funny. CotN goes to Jack Sommers for his sarcasm.


And I’m incredibly pissed off that Girardi shot Nola after just 93 throws

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Rocky: Ketel Marte (+ 36.4%)
Rocky II: JB Wendelken (+ 31.0%)
Rocky V: Drew Ellis (-28.8%) but the real goat is Tyler Clippard

The Diamondbacks start again tomorrow. It’s a tilt a bit earlier, with Humberto Mejia for the Snakes and Kyle Gibson for the Phils.