Big Ten Basketball Rankings, Midweek Recap: Indiana Shakes Up Ohio State

Wednesday 5 January

Michigan State Spartans 79, Nebraska Cornhuskers 67

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Green Akers: Instead of commenting on a broken record of how these turnovers will absolutely cost them games in another intensely competitive Big Ten race, I think MSU’s depth is worth commenting on.

Joey Hauser’s day off? No worries, Malik Hall takes over. Tyson Walker was invisible against Northwestern on Sunday, scoreless and fouling; Last night he scored 10 pts / 5 assists with just two turnovers, but his friend AJ Hoggard was horrible.

Every year people assume that Izzo will have to downsize his lineup at some point, and … he really doesn’t, and mostly always finds a way to make it work, and it looks like they’re going to keep running new. guys double digit minutes.

Now. Let’s take a dump truck back to Michigan’s tournament hopes.

Penn State Nittany Lions 74, Northwestern Wildcats 70

NCAA basketball: Penn State at Northwestern

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MNW: Northwestern is not good enough to play with its food. It’s not enough to disable your attack for 6-8 minutes at a time. That’s not enough to give a double-digit rebound margin to a team that reaches a maximum of 6’9 ”. It is not enough to settle for contested jumpers and refuse to commit an offense.

All of these factors cost Northwestern a home loss that will see them out of the NCAA tournament.

Boo Buie had a great night until he didn’t – and make no mistake, he was excellent – and Pete Nance was gone way too long in the middle of the game, briefly catching him late but coming. small against John Harrar on the inside for huge stretches. Penn State brought in athleticism Northwestern couldn’t compete with, and Seth Lundy and the Nittany Lions made three when they counted.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with this Northwestern basketball team. Looks like they should be good enough, but they just aren’t.

misdreavus79: I was tasked with writing the recap for this game from “the other side” and I actually had to rewrite everything after the game ended. When Northwestern went up 10 and the Wildcats couldn’t miss a thing, well, anywhere it looked like it was curtains for the lions. And not to be too harsh on the previous coaching staff, but I’m convinced that if it was a Chambers-led team it probably would have been curtains.

But Penn State found a way, slowly, but steadily, to get Northwestern to actually work for their points while they started taking shots themselves (five of their nine threes came in the second half). With about 11 seconds to go, the Nittany Lions would be in the middle of a 20-8 run that made the difference. Instead of Penn State needing to foul to stay there, it was Northwestern, and the Lions made it count.

Being 2-2 to start the conference game when most people thought they wouldn’t win more than two conference games in total is fine, I would say!

Thursday January 6

Illinois Fighter Illini 76, Maryland Terrapins 64

NCAA basketball: Maryland vs. Illinois

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Thumpasaurus: I could tell that the reason things looked risky for the Illini in the first half was because Plummer, Frazier and Grandison went 3 for 19, but in reality the reason is that Underwood sat Kofi during the Last 10 minutes of the first half when he chose foul # 2. Kofi had 23 points and 18 rebounds and had a ridiculous +/- of +29 in a game the Illini won by 12.

Trent Frazier is a true one for making all three pullbacks that covered the -11.5 lead at the end of the game, even with a cheap layup from Maryland.

Kofi Cockburn looks a lot faster and more athletic than last year and his hands seem to have improved somewhat. I imagine whenever he doesn’t feel like training or training he imagines Cam Krutwig. He is definitely the best I have ever seen him. Imagine if we had a leader.

This team is competing for a league title.

HWAHSQB: In November, a change of coach helped Illinois exorcise the demons of the HAT that plagued the Lovie era. Perhaps the change of coach on the other bench last night helped exorcise the demons of Maryland in Champaign.

I also hated Underwood sitting Kofi for the last 10:17 of the first half because I didn’t think it was possible that Kofi could play the whole second half, but he played until then. let the match be decided. It’s impressive for everyone, but especially for a guy of this size.

Indiana Hoosiers 67, # 13 Ohio State Buckeyes 51

NCAA basketball: Ohio State in Indiana

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Buffkomodo: Winning heals a lot. It doesn’t cure that horrible 3 point shot, but it does soften the hit. Indiana came in with a chip on their shoulders and used it to beat the Bucks in the submission. The game was pretty back and forth until the Under-8 time-out and then Indiana really broke up.

TJD had become a man again. He proves he’s one of the best big men in B1G and NCAA. XJ actually played a good game, calm and consistent and Rob was pretty good as well. It really is the play on guard that I can support.
Trey Galloway was back after running out of time with a broken wrist, and he was the big spark for the Hoosiers. I don’t really remember being too impressed with him, but last night he played his ass on defense, got 50/50 balls and really started a few runs the Hoosiers really needed. Very impressive return for him.

This victory, however, makes the losses of Penn State and Wisconsin a little more stinging. Indiana could very easily go 4-0 in conference. It doesn’t, and Woody’s .500 first year in the B1G doesn’t look so bad. On the way to Minnesota.

# 23 Wisconsin Badgers 87, Iowa Hawkeyes 78

NCAA basketball: Iowa in Wisconsin

Here we see Brad Davison trying to hurt an opponent
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Type of…: Despite the photo above, Iowa was able to leave the Kohl Center without injury. That’s largely because, despite the photo above, for most of the night the Iowa defenders stayed a fair distance from any badger with the ball. Now that meant Wisconsin scored 87 points – the five double-digit starters – and rolled for most of the game. But it’s a small price to pay for the ability to complain on Twitter and assert morality.

Patrick McCaffrey is an intriguing player. In a program that cared about player development and defense, he could be a bigger and better Tyler Wahl. Not so much Connor McCaffrey, who delivers 80% of Davison’s hate, but 40% of his productivity. But props to Jordan Bohannon for expanding his B1G career gave a 3 second lead with excellent time play for the garbage.

Wisconsin goes 12-2 on aggregate, 3-1 in B1G.


Who had the best week?


Who has had the worst week?

Tuesday 4 January

Nebraska Cornhuskers 79, # 8 Michigan Wolverines 58

Jesse: Wow. Nebraska WBB just knocked down # 8 Michigan. At least someone is successful on PBA Magic.

BRT: We just need to stop men’s sport and give all the money and resources to the women’s teams.

Wednesday 5 January

# 6 Indiana Hoosiers 76, Wisconsin Badgers 53

MNW: This one was pretty much over by halftime, as the Badgers didn’t have the firepower to keep up with the Hoosiers on a night when Ali Patberg was unconscious from the depths (4/5 3pt for 18) and Grace Berger let go. 11 dimes and grabbed 8 boards.

Julie Pospisilova (15 pts) is going to have a night where she warms up for the Badgers and drops someone, but the Hoosiers, 8th, probably weren’t that team.

Thursday January 6

# 10 Maryland Terrapins 106, Penn State Nittany Lions 78

MNW: The Terps led by 25 at halftime and sailed, making their freight train and Prius feel with the lower level of the conference.

They nearly matched Penn State’s defensive rebounds on the offensive glass, shot over 50% from court and nearly 50% from depth… like, Angel Reese averages a double-double and Diamond Miller has scored 24 and we’re all playing just for second place (except maybe for Indiana who beat the Terps in overtime this weekend).

Minnesota Golden Gophers 62, Rutgers Scarlet Knights 49

MNW: No Lindsay Whalen (emergency appendectomy), no problem, because Rutgers is historically bad at defense. For the seventh time this season, an opponent has kept the Knights 50 points or less (they’re 1-6 in those competitions). Without C. Vivian Stringer this year, Rutgers could be in contention with Wisconsin for the conference basement.

Ohio State Buckeyes 90, Illinois Fighter Illini 69

MNW: A 31-point third quarter opened wide for Ohio State, which got 32 from Taylor Mikesell.

Northwestern Wildcats 77, # 22 Iowa Hawkeyes 69

MNW: Did I do an ENTIRE women’s basketball recap section for this score?

Although Player of the Galaxy or anything other than Caitlin Clark had another big scoring night for the Hawkeyes – this time thanks to a 13/13 from the free throw line – Northwestern found a way to to earn. While conventional wisdom is that they got F Monika Czinano in trouble, and it did help, a glance at Clark’s stats (which I posted on InsideNU) suggests there is something else. at stake here.

FOTP oldfatbaldguy do add a caveat to this:

That 24% out of 3 in the three games against Northwestern is his overall percentage for this season. These don’t fall for her like they did last season, apparently. She was 1 for 8 tonight. Warnock was 4-for-6 and all the other Hawkeyes were 2-for-20. The whole squad has gone from 41% last season to 29%. Gabbie Marshall is also usually an away problem, but she was 1v5 tonight and that’s who Burton took the ball from during the game.

Clark is a great player, but like you said Northwestern is an increased degree of difficulty for her.

The previews are coming … tomorrow?

In the meantime, could I recommend the Southland Conference Tip-Off tournament on ESPN +? Given that five teams from the former 13 Southland team took off for WAC and the conference is on a lower level than Kenpom and NET (25 of their 41 non-conference wins were against non-D1 teams), the Southland decided that a non-conference tournament featuring all eight conference teams would be a good thing.

They’re in Katy, TX, and they’re fast and dumb at basketball, so shut up and don’t think too much about it, okay? Tips at 11am, so turn on the TV. It’s Friday, you’re not really work, are you?