Carnival Cruise Ship Delayed Arrival in New Orleans

Carnival Glory was delayed approximately five hours while returning to New Orleans, Louisiana on July 31, 2022. This not only impacts cruisers disembarking from the ship, but also boarding for the next sailing of the vessel.

Disembarking passengers are offered limited refunds for airline switching fees. Few details are available on the cause of the delay, but there could be several factors.

Five hour delay

Guests expecting to board Carnival Glory Sunday began receiving email and text notifications late Saturday afternoon announcing the possibility of delayed boarding. At first, the notifications only informed passengers of the delay and advised them to remain vigilant for further information to be provided by 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

These initial notifications asked passengers not to proceed to the cruise terminal until they received further information on boarding times.

The morning notification, which guests began to receive shortly before 8 a.m., specified that boarding would be delayed by five hours. To accommodate this delay, guests were asked to move their arrival appointment by five hours and not arrive at the terminal until their new boarding time. Customers arriving too early were turned away and asked to return at the right time.

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All guests must be on board the ship no later than 8:00 p.m.

No details have been released as to whether or not customers can receive compensation for the delay to the start of their cruise. These types of delays occur occasionally, but will not significantly impact the cruise ship‘s schedule when it departs for the next sailing.

The Conquest Class Carnival Glory currently offers 7-night round-trip sailings from New Orleans. Both Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean routes are offered, although a greater proportion of sailings – around 80% – are Western Caribbean timetables. Different sailings offer different ports of call, including Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan and Belize.

The ship has a capacity of 2,980 passengers in double occupancy and up to 3,806 passengers when fully booked.

Disembarkation of passengers

Guests on board Carnival Glory were informed of the delay in their Sunday disembarkation by letters delivered to their cabins, as well as by public announcements made by the ship’s captain, Domenico Calise.

The letter, which was delivered on Sunday morning, reads: “We are now planning to dock in New Orleans at 12:30 p.m. We sincerely apologize for the unexpected delay.

Carnival Glory cruise ship
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Customers are offered up to $200 reimbursement per person for independent, non-refundable plane change expenses, with proper documentation. Customers have also been advised to consider disembarkation processing time and travel time to the airport when rebooking flights.

“Thanks for understanding,” the letter concluded. “We wish you a safe journey home.”

No details were provided as to why the ship was so significantly delayed, but severe storms or heavy fog in the area could have played a role in the ship’s schedule, as cruise ships need to be very cautious as they sail towards their entrance into the Mississippi River as they approach. the port of New Orleans.

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Rumors circulating on board also suggest that a broken propeller could be the reason for the delay, or that there may have been minor cleaning issues at the mouth of the river which delayed the ship. No confirmation has been made for either of these theories.

Services on board the ship are unaffected and all hotel and passenger operations remain active.

Carnival Glory cruise ship