Catchpoint supports active observability for MEC and AWS Wavelength

Catchpoint, the global leader in digital experience monitoring (DEM), recently announced support for active observability of mobile edge and AWS wavelength zones.

With a plan to add more edge compute locations and providers in the future, ultimately creating a separate edge compute observability network, these data sources are a lasting enhancement to the already leading observability network of Catchpoint. New sources of edge observability data will give DevOps teams the visibility to deliver trusted experiences to the 5G mobile edge, software developers with the insights needed to optimize their applications for mobile edge computing and businesses with the ability to innovate at the speed of the ever increasing mobile user base.

These new data sources are strategically placed at the edge of the mobile operator to expand access to valuable benchmarking, benchmarking and monitoring data. Since DevOps engineers, site and platform reliability, and any monitoring strategist will have insight into the performance and reliability of edge delivery services without the variability of live noise reports, they will be able to to fuel a new set of innovative business uses. case. These include rich content delivery for wireless infrastructure stages, remote computing for low-power IoT devices, the ability to deliver smooth content to a global audience, or lag-free games for gaming experiences. most demanding game.

Traditional agent-based APM or system-centric monitoring have no monitoring scope at the edge; customers cannot use them to directly make active observations that can address these new emerging use cases. AWS Wavelength is an AWS infrastructure offering optimized for Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) applications. It integrates AWS compute and storage services into data centers of communication service providers at the edge of the 5G network.

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint
With our new sources of observational data, service and application providers will have the confidence they need to protect their brand and business investments. And IT technologists will get the reliability and innovative capabilities they need to deliver incredible digital experiences in a way that is now only possible thanks to the 5G mobile edge.