Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm near 1Gbps 5G uplink in live network

Using Ericsson’s new dual-radio (NR-DC) connectivity and carrier aggregation software capabilities as well as a smartphone form factor test device powered by the Snapdragon® X65 5G-RF modem system on Telstra’s network, this new uplink speed record marks another important milestone for the ecosystem collaboration between the three companies.

The high peak uplink rate was achieved by combining the mid-band and high-band (millimeter wave) data rates to make full use of Telstra’s spectrum for a better user experience. The demonstration used Ericsson’s NR-DC software function with uplink four component carrier aggregation (UL 4CC CA), in which four contiguous 100 MHz carriers are combined, resulting in higher data speeds. .

Delivering peak uplink rates of nearly 1 Gbps will allow Telstra to more than double the current uplink throughput of its 5G network. This is especially important for supporting applications and services that involve downloading large amounts of data.

Sibel Tombaz, Head of Product Line 5G RAN, Ericsson, says: “We continue to research new and innovative ways to improve the impact of 5G on the end user. Almost 1 Gbps uplink speed using NR-DC and four-component carrier aggregation is the latest in a series of 5G milestones we have achieved in collaboration with Telstra and Qualcomm Technologies. This means that users can enjoy dramatically improved experiences from apps where faster download times make the difference.

Nikos Katinakis, Group Executive Networks & IT, Telstra, says: “We have a history of world firsts with Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies. In 2016, we crossed the barrier of 1Gbps on 4G; in january of this year, we set a new 5G download record, and now we set a new uplink record on a commercial 5G network. This is a testament to our team’s continued efforts to innovate, and I’m proud of how, together, we continue to push the boundaries of what this technology can offer. “

Sunil Patil, Vice President of 5G Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., said: “Qualcomm Technologies is delighted to work with Ericsson and Telstra on this milestone of 5G dual connectivity and carrier aggregation. By achieving the highest uplink peak rate ever on a commercial network in Queensland, Australia, we underscore our commitment to enabling differentiated 5G experiences in a variety of use cases beyond mobile. Together, we are realizing the full potential of 5G through new advancements that will deliver transformative benefits for consumers and businesses. “

Technical details

Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm Technologies performed the first on a commercial network in Queensland, Australia, with a theoretical maximum uplink speed of 986 Mbps, integrating four 100 MHz millimeter wave carriers, combined with the 100 MHz spectrum of 3 , 6 GHz. NR-DC has been implemented with n78 and n258.

Testing was conducted at Telstra’s 5G Innovation Center (5GIC) using Telstra’s commercial network, resulting in throughput of approximately 1 Gbps, further doubling the link speed current rise in the market. The Snapdragon X65-powered smartphone form factor tester was used with Ericsson Radio System’s 6648 baseband and AIR 6488 for the mid-band, which has been widely deployed in Telstra’s network, and baseband 6648 with AIR 5322 for the high band.

Ericsson’s NR-DC software combines 5G frequency ranges below 7.125 GHz (mid-band, Time Division Duplex, TDD) and above 24.25 GHz (high-band TDD) and is now available for commercial deployment. UL 4CC carrier aggregation software is expected to be released globally in the second quarter of 2022.

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