Fiji Airways presents new in-flight safety video

LOS ANGELES, 21 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – With Fiji official opening from December 1, its national carrier Fiji Airways launched a Eco-Concentrated Flight Safety Video, teasing international travelers with images of tropical islands and breathtaking natural wonders, while championing the businesses and local communities that help preserve it.

Shot in seven locations, the five-minute safety briefing is just one of many initiatives being taken to preserve Fiji beautiful but fragile house. These include mangrove rehabilitation projects, solar powered resorts, turtle sanctuaries and coral nurseries, among others.

With over 84% of the adult population doubly vaccinated and a mandate for all adult employees to be fully vaxxed by November 1, Fiji is fast becoming one of the safest COVID travel destinations on the planet. And with flights from United States resumed from November 30 Managing Director and CEO of Fiji Airways André Viljoen hopes that the latest production will undoubtedly make travelers dream of a Christmas in white sand.

“The unveiling of this production is more than just a safety video. It is very symbolic of the journey we have taken over the past 18 months and of our return to the sky in an eco-sustainable manner. The production started before COVID-19 hit, so finally being able to play it on our planes signals that we are very close to welcoming tourists again Fiji“said Viljoen.

The video that opens on Fiji The iconic Malamala Beach Club features a number of pilots and cabin crews in addition to professional actors. From underwater shots to high-flying drone action, the production takes viewers on a journey of discovery in Fiji vast and beautiful environment. At each location, a resort, business or local initiative is featured by the cabin crew member and championed for their eco-sustainability efforts. It also features images aboard Fiji Airways’ luxury A350 aircraft – it is the most eco-sustainable aircraft to date.

Current Fiji Airways personnel play an important role in production, including First Officer pilots Petrina Simpson and Vinay Makanji , as well as a member of the salon staff Liku Gucake. The voice over used is also that of the main reservations manager Anna morris – adding to its authenticity and paying homage to Fiji Family values.

It also features cameo appearances of Fiji world-renowned Fidjiana Women rugby sevens and Fijian Mens rugby sevens teams, which are fresh from recent success in Tokyo. Fijian players Tokasa Seniyasai, Reijeli Uluinayau and Verenaisi Bari are alongside their male counterparts Ratu Mele Derenalagi, Alasio Naduva and Livai Ikanikoda. In addition, past and present players of the popular Super Rugby Crusaders team, Manasa matele, Tom christie and Inga Finau.

The production team has spent months researching some of the incredible environmental initiatives that are happening across Fiji 300+ islands. While some places narrowly missed the edit, the film directed by Edouard Copestick has been structured to allow new initiatives to feature in future iterations of production.

“As an airline, eco-sustainability is a path we are committed to taking. Fuel is a major contributor to an airline’s carbon emissions, and we use cutting-edge software systems like SkyBreathe to monitor , track and optimize our fuel usage. Over the years, aircraft technology has evolved, airframes have become lighter and pilots are more aware of economical fuel consumption. All of this helps reduce aircraft fuel consumption. modern aircraft. Fiji Airways has two A350 XWB and five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in its fleet, which are among the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world. Reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions is a priority for our company. airline, and aligned with the leadership role that Fiji plays to draw the world’s attention to the negative impact of climate change on nations like ours. “

“The work that some of our partners in the field Fiji have done in terms of eco-sustainability and conservation is pretty amazing. We are delighted to present them to a wider audience via our digital and in-flight channels, while reiterating our commitment to safety. We are confident that others will learn from some of these initiatives, added Viljoen. “

The new safety video will be shown on board all Fiji Airways international flights from December 1, 2021.

Watch the new Fiji Airways safety video on Youtube here.

Localization partners and environmental initiatives

Mangrove plantation at Shangri-La Fijian Resort & Spa
Solar complex at Six Senses Fiji
Eco-Trax Fiji sustainable eco-activities
Turtle Sanctuary at Nakelo Treasure Island Resort Fiji
Coral nurseries at Plantation Island Resort Fiji


Agency: CampaignLab
Director: Edouard Copestick
DOP: Spencer Frost
Assistant Director: Maxime Lebigre
Editor / CGI: Jérémie Siguan
Lighting: Moses Fotofili
H&M: Leanne Goff, Totoka
Voice off: Anna morris, Senior Manager Reservations and Service Culture, Fiji Airways
Main Talent: Fiji Airways A330 First Officer Petrina simpson and co-pilot B737 Vinay Makanji and Fiji Airways Premier Lounge Concierge Liku Gucake and external talent Natasha McGoon
Fidji Airways team: Shane Hussein, Bruce round, Angeline Lal, Hem Chand, Sandeepak Ratnam

SOURCE Fiji Airways