Five Cruise Ships Denied Over COVID-19 Concerns | World news


Health and port authorities have canceled five cruise ship calls over a nine-day period due to outbreaks of flu-like symptoms on board the ships.

The ships that were turned back were scheduled to call between December 29 last year and Friday January 7, revealed Nikoyan Roberts, head of nautical development at the Grenada Tourism Authority.

Under the Grenada Cruise Ship Protocol, cruise passengers are required to immediately report outbreaks of acute respiratory illness / influenza-like illness among passengers or crew to the Port Health Authority and local agents, and any positive case for COVID-19.

“This precautionary process is applied to all scheduled cruise stopovers in Grenada until May 2022, when the 2021-2022 season ends,” said Roberts.

Grenada’s 2021-2022 cruise ship season began in November, with just over 200 ships scheduled to dock in the island’s port. However, since the discovery of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, several ships have either canceled schedules to their ports or have been turned back due to epidemics on board.

Health Minister Nicholas Steele revealed in the post-Cabinet briefing on Tuesday that there is a health protocol or agreement with minimum requirements for cruise ships and all other sailing vessels to be completed in order for them to are authorized to dock in one of the Island’s ports.

“There is a protocol for cruise ships whether the cruise ship has positive cases or not; a protocol on how we treat cruise ships entering Grenada, ”he said. Among other things, the protocol states that permission will only be granted to a sailboat if less than one percent of the passengers on board are infected with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.