Gemini Horoscope for December 19: Imbalances on the Inner Plane | Astrology

ThroughManisha Kushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Today you might want to act fast in whatever you do instead of sitting down and wasting your time. You may want to lead from the front and not look to the side. The day can be quite favorable for you as most of your pending tasks are likely to be completed one after another. You might want to thank the people who have supported you through the tough times. Your renewed interest, tireless efforts, and enthusiasm for starting from scratch and making major lifestyle changes will likely have positive effects. Good news can await you towards the end of the day. Traveling to a foreign country can broaden your horizons and help you understand different cultures.

Gemini Finance Today

Your financial situation will likely improve as your business grows. You may be able to invest the excess capital in speculation after careful research. Funds from an additional source of income can cover your expenses.

The Gemini family today

Those who live alone may want to visit the house. Your home life is likely to be full of ups and downs due to certain misunderstandings and disagreements among family members. Bring normalcy home with your reasoning skills.

Gemini career today

Those who work in the public sector can have a good navigation at work. If you are looking for a change of job in another city, now is the perfect time to take this step forward. An impending assessment may arrive earlier than expected.

Gemini health today

From a health perspective, certain weather-related ailments can cause discomfort. Have it checked in time. Breathing exercises and yoga asanas can provide physical and mental relief.

Gemini love life today

On a romantic level, your partner may need your affection, but your busy schedules might make them wait. Paying close attention to their requests can bring you closer to each other. Don’t let misunderstandings ruin your relationship.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky color: Green forest

By: Manisha Koushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

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