Here’s why Pixel 6 phones unlocked on Verizon aren’t getting updates (yet)

Users also face SIM card issues during activation

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By all accounts, Google’s latest smartphones are some of the best to date, especially considering the starting price of $ 600. However, if you’re a Verizon customer, you’ve probably noticed that the smaller Pixel 6 is much more expensive, with a price increase of $ 100 for both storage options. If you’ve decided to buy unlocked to avoid its mmWave-related markup, there are a few other issues that are probably causing you even more frustration.

While the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro both received Day 1 updates for customers – providing the November security patch and a handful of bug fixes – not everyone is so lucky. As we noted before launch, Verizon-specific phones were given their own version, denoted by an “A8” listed at the end of the version number. According to several articles on Reddit and Google’s support forums, as well as tips from AP readers, unlocked devices running on Verizon are stuck on the pre-launch version.


For a phone that arguably relies more on software than hardware, this isn’t a good start for users around the world. Without an update path, anyone running an unlocked Pixel 6 or 6 Pro with a Verizon SIM cannot access these vital changes, an issue with an unclear timeline. While this can resolve itself effectively after a slight delay, it’s possible that Verizon customers with unlocked phones won’t stand a chance for upgrades unless they take matters into their own hands.

A “product expert” on the Pixel subtitle helpfully explained that manual sideloading fixes the problem, essentially putting you on the right track for future updates by installing the carrier-specific version. That’s a lot of work for anyone who just wants their phone to work as expected, and it’s a tactic that could end in a bricked device if you’re not careful.

We’ve reached out to Verizon to determine if owners of unlocked devices can expect to be moved to the correct update trail, and we’ll update this post if we have any news.

This isn’t the only issue Pixel 6 owners face on Verizon. Problems with SIM cards – both older 4G cards and the newly activated 5G compatible chips – have also plagued users since launch, with many being forced to rely on eSIMs to get the device to properly connect to a device. network. Some have managed to activate a card directly in a physical store, only for it to stop working a week later, while others have been forced to contact customer support to mark the phone as CDMA free before they could check it out. ‘use.

It’s another handful of headaches over Google’s latest phone. Hopefully future updates – and a few weeks after launch – can finally fix these bugs for good.

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