Hexagon revolutionizes autonomous reality capture with the launch of the Leica BLK ARC and Leica BLK2FLY – sUAS News

Hexagon AB, a global leader in digital reality solutions, today announced the introduction of the Leica BLK ARC and Leica BLK2FLY, expanding its iconic and award-winning BLK series known for its speed, portability and mobility with reality capture fully autonomous mobile. Autonomous Reality Capture solutions are the latest innovations in Hexagon’s comprehensive line of accessible and easy-to-use digital reality capture sensors.

The Leica BLK ARC is a laser scanning sensor specially designed to enhance the autonomous navigation of robots and other carrier platforms to provide fully autonomous mobile laser scanning. Combining speed, precision and versatility with robotics, the BLK ARC responds to the growing demand for stand-alone solutions capable of safely and repeatedly capturing precise 3D point clouds and panoramic images of changing environments. with minimal user intervention.

The Leica BLK2FLY is the world’s first fully integrated stand-alone flying laser scanning sensor. With just a few clicks on a tablet, users can quickly and easily scan structures and environments accurately and completely from the air. Airborne scanning offers value to many industries requiring accurate data on inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas (e.g., projections of facades, roofs), ensuring a complete capture of the exterior features and dimensions of a structure.

The BLK ARC and BLK2FLY connect directly to Hexagon’s cloud-based visualization platform, HxDR, where immediate data download from the field, cloud processing and storage of captured data enables instant delivery of data from the field. smart digital reality to anyone who needs it.

“The BLK2FLY and BLK ARC exemplify Hexagon’s commitment to empowering an empowered future with intelligent digital realities. The purposefully integrated sensor-software systems are designed to bring autonomous agility and speed to any reality capture workflow, ”said Ola Rollén, President and CEO of Hexagon. “Robots, sensors and software work together, dynamically adjusting reality capture missions to deliver seemingly limitless business applications – from as-built site documentation for buildings to monitoring and situational awareness. remote or hazardous environments, such as mines, factories, land-based facilities, fire investigations and more.

Although the BLK ARC’s first robotic compatibility is with the Boston Dynamics Spot, it can be easily integrated with other autonomous robotic carriers. Enhancing Spot with autonomous reality capture technology, the BLK ARC offers, for the first time, fully autonomous mobile laser scanning specifically designed for robots. Spot transports the BLK ARC through an environment while the BLK ARC enhances Spot navigation while capturing 3D data. The combination gives Spot greater battery life with precise laser scanning and navigation, allowing users to safely create 3D models of any area the robot can go to.

The BLK2FLY presents the next generation of flight safety with advanced autonomous obstacle avoidance. The fusion of LiDAR sensors, radar, cameras and GNSS guarantees optimal and safe flight paths. Users can seamlessly combine data from the BLK2FLY with interior scans of buildings and structures captured with the Leica BLK2GO, Hexagon’s portable 3D scanner. The resulting colorized 3D point clouds are essential to building information modeling (BIM) processes, including documenting site conditions.