How this roadschooling family traveled thousands of miles for a taste of incredible India

Tarun Kumar Bansal is an entrepreneur and his wife, Sunaina, is a housewife. Together they have two daughters, Trijaa and Shubhda, who study in class 3 and class 1 at a school in Gurugram. This is where this family ceases to be ordinary.

When the first wave of COVID-19 subsided in October 2020, they all embarked on a six-month journey of 26,000 kilometers across India and covered around 200 small villages, 90 towns and more temples than they cannot count. All this, while work and study went on as usual. And there is more, none of this was planned.

With parents bitten by the travel bug, Trijaa and Shubhda were already used to being away from school for two months to travel. Just before the pandemic, their parents took them to Central America. “Before that, we were finishing the Latin American circuit,” says Tarun. But exploring their own country turned out to be more than a vacation.

Tarun, Sunaina and their daughters Trijaa and Shubhda | Abhaneri Chand Baori, Rajasthan

“It’s not education that we really need, but knowledge. Our children have learned things about life that you don’t learn in school, ”says Bansal, who has since watched his children learn new things through road school and apply them to their formal education ever since. during. As parents, he believes the trip has taught the couple some things for themselves and, as he puts it, “there is no going back.”

That was not the plan …

Tarun and Sunaina’s original plan was to take a month-long trip, as it was possible with a “work from home” system and online schooling. They took the children to Jaisalmer, a town they visit once a year. “But it wasn’t planned as a six-month trip,” Tarun reveals. It was only when they were directed to some local temples in the city after a few weeks that they realized it was time to explore India’s rich culture, meet people and visit them. learn about traditions in different parts of the country.