How to quickly scale the Merchant Alliance in Sea Of Thieves

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Sea Of Thieves has a lot of factions that you can improve by taking trips and selling loot to NPCs. Each faction grants you unique rewards for reaching certain levels, so it’s worth upgrading them as quickly as possible.

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The Merchant Alliance is one of the oldest factions in the pirate-themed video game Sea Of Thieves, but it’s still around if you want to reach Pirate Legend and unlock a lot of unique items. There are many ways to improve the Merchant Alliance faction; however, some means are faster than others. Here are the best methods you can use to level up in the Merchant Alliance organization.

The best ways to evolve the Merchant Alliance faction


There are many ways to level up the Merchant Alliance faction, but these three methods have the fastest results. All of the following methods work best in the Devil’s Roar section of the map, as you receive better rewards when you complete world journeys and events in this part of the ocean.

The most important thing to do before using any of these methods is to put a Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag on your ship. This flag will give you more experience each time you hand over items to senior merchants in the Merchant Alliance. You can hoist the Emissaries Flag by voting on the Emissaries Table near the Merchant Alliance Main Trader in an Outpost. Other ships can see your ship on their map when you have an active escape flag.

Complete deliveries

There are different ways to make deliveries in Sea Of Thieves, but they each grant Merchant Alliance experience. The first is to purchase Cargo Run trips from Merchant Alliance Senior Traders, who reside in the outposts. Then you need to collect the cargo from the NPCs and deliver the crates to an NPC on another island. You have to deliver the cargo at a certain time and date in the game.

You can also find cargo crates on the islands and as rewards for completing certain tasks; however, Cargo Run trips are the fastest way to gain experience with this type of delivery. Each type of cargo has a unique challenge; you can’t wet the cloth crates, you have to store the plant crates in the water, and the bottle crates will break when you jump.

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The second type of delivery is crates of goods. You can buy commodities from Senior Merchant Alliance Traders in Outposts, then sell them to other Senior Merchant Alliance Traders when you visit another Outpost. This method is one of the fastest ways to improve the Merchant Alliance faction. The inventory book next to Merchant Alliance Senior Traders can tell you what types of goods are in each outpost and what types of goods they currently need.

Complete skeleton forts and other world events

World events are one of the best ways to get a lot of loot in Sea Of Thieves. The two downsides to this method are that you won’t be earning Merchant Alliance loot exclusively, and players’ other ships can see World Events as well, so they can approach you while you are completing the event, which is particularly problematic as you will lose your emissary level if your ship sinks.

However, the risk is usually worth it as you get a lot of loot with each event, especially Skeleton Forts. While you won’t be receiving Merchant Alliance items exclusively, World Events are still a great way to level up any faction because you get so much loot when you complete one. Only one global event can be active at a time.

Finding world events is very easy as an indication of their presence appears in the sky while they are active. One of the world events with the best awards is Skeleton Forts, which you can locate by searching the sky for clouds shaped like skulls. Skeleton forts are mostly about fighting waves of Skeleton Minions, as well as occasional boss fights. After defeating the final boss in a Skeleton Fort, you’ll earn a key that you can use to open a safe on the island, which will reveal a lot of loot to load onto your ship.

Many other world events also reward you with Merchant Alliance items in Sea Of Thieves; here’s how to locate the best events. You can find Ashen Winds by searching for a red tornado on an island; you have to defeat a powerful boss in this world event. Another world event that can drop Merchant Alliance loot is Skeleton Ships. You can find Skeleton Ships all over the ocean, and they will sometimes spawn right next to your ship. There are also fleets of skeleton ships that appear from time to time; you can find them by looking in the sky for a cloud shaped like a boat.

Complete the journeys of lost shipments

Lost Cargo is a type of trip you can take for the Merchant Alliance faction. You can purchase these trips from senior Merchant Alliance traders at the outposts. During a lost expedition trip, you must follow points of interest across an expanse of ocean. These locations contain puzzle pieces that will help you find the sunken ship, which contains your rewards.

Once you find the lost shipments, you need to dive underwater and collect all the loot that is on the ship. Once you’ve loaded the items onto your ship, you can navigate to an outpost and sell the items to the Merchant Alliance Main Trader. Lost Cargoes offer a lot of loot, so they’re one of the best ways to earn Gold and Merchant Alliance experience.

What do you gain by upgrading the Merchant Alliance faction?


The Merchant Alliance grants many unique cosmetic rewards as you upgrade it. However, Legendary Pirate Status is the most notable reward you can earn for upgrading your Merchant Alliance faction. You have to become a Pirate Legend before you can buy Athena’s Fortune Voyages, and this is one of the most notable milestones in Sea Of Thieves. To become a Pirate Legend, you must reach level 50 in the Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, and Merchant Alliance factions.

There are also commendations you unlock for reaching certain milestones with the Merchant Alliance faction. There are 75 levels for the Merchant Alliance faction in total. The trips you receive from the Merchant Alliance grant better rewards the higher your level with the faction is.

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