Hylas Yachts’ H57 turns heads at Newport Boat Show –

Hylas Yachts’ number one H57 hull featuring Bill Dixon’s progressive design and luxurious interior made its official international debut at the Newport International Boat Show.

In addition, business is booming at Hylas Yachts as global demand increases for its range of performance motor and sailing yachts. The Taiwan-based boatbuilder is proving adept at converting an enviable reputation into solid orders for its range of yachts under 60 feet. It keeps the Hylas Queen Long Marine shipyard in operation close to capacity.

Hylas Yachts H57 at the Newport International Boat Show. Pic – Billy Black

Go on an adventure

An ambitious owner is about to embark on an extraordinary adventure aboard the last H48 to leave the Hylas shipyard. The goal is to sail the boat – the third hull in the series – “the long way” to her new home in Hawaii. The boat will be delivered to the east coast of the United States from where the owners plan to sail the Caribbean for a season or two. Then, they’ll explore Central America, cross the Panama Canal, and make the long ocean passage to Hawaii, covering thousands of nautical miles in the process.

From the pen of famous designer Bill Dixon, the H48 has true oceanic capabilities. A furler in the mast and a cutter rig with self-tacking staysail facilitate short maneuvers. But it is also carefully optimized for life on board with its central cockpit, its wide windows and its running boards. Extended accommodation consists of a master cabin aft and a focsle cabin with a double semi-island.

The H57 reaches crystal clear waters.
The H57 is suitable for solo sailing as well as long-term cruising. Pic – Billy Black

Italian design meets Hylas quality

To close a busy delivery season, the third Hylas 57, a go-anywhere blue water cruiser that has received an elegant Italian soul thanks to the involvement of super yacht interior designer Hot Lab. It’s a rare departure for Hylas, who prefers to rely on known suppliers and a series of interior choices to meet tight production schedules.

“When it comes to custom interiors, we’ve always asked ourselves’ what if? ”, Said Andy Huang. “And now, as the final details are finished by our skilled craftsmen, we are delighted with the result. The interior has an architectural flair, but the little details go beyond the interior. Hot Lab’s color scheme is captured by details on the mast, hardtop and hull. Even the color of the North 3Di sails has been carefully chosen.

H57 achieved in rough waters.
The third Hylas 57 will be ready to sail in January 2022. Pic – Billy Black

This magnificent yacht will be ready to leave the yard in January 2022. Throughout the entire construction phase, from the formation of the hull to the intricate finishes, there is constant communication with the new owner to ensure that she is kept up to date. during the construction process. .

The first steps are very exciting because this is where customers can see something that until now has only been drawings and pictures of other yachts. Over the months, the interior of the yacht begins to take shape. There are monthly reviews where the Hylas team are able to help homeowners better understand the building process and what to expect in the coming weeks.

However, the real magic, from a visual impact standpoint, happens in the last few weeks when the cabinets are finished and they enter the “finishing phase”. The appliances are installed, the electronics and entertainment systems are in place, the opening takes place, the bimini tops and dodgers are installed, the closet doors are fitted and suddenly the yacht seems truly imminent. This is the phase they are about to start with H57 number three.

Very exciting times for the owners and the entire Hylas team. The number four H57 is already out of the mold and the new owners are about to begin their own new build adventure.

With its custom-built 32,000 square foot main building and a portfolio of boats designed by the biggest names in the business, Hylas is always busy. He has launched 520 boats to date – stay tuned for more news later in the year.

Hylas Yachts will be attending the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD October 14-18 (Dock D) with the number one hull of the H57.