Kongsberg brings training from the cloud

The shipping industry faces a significant skills and capability gap in the coming years with more advanced instrumentation, increasingly complex vessels to operate, new regulations and requirements for fuel types and sustainable operations. We are also seeing that due to the pandemic, seafarers going to training centers are struggling to keep their certificates up to date and many experienced seafarers are changing professions. The need for retraining and advanced training of crews in all ship segments is therefore becoming increasingly important, as well as the ability to be more flexible in training methods.

In response to this rapidly changing environment, Kongsberg Digital (KDI) has developed a suite of online simulation solutions delivered as a subscription service through the K-Sim Connect digital platform. Training apps bring dynamic simulation scenarios to engage seafarers in situations they may encounter while working at sea. And this highly realistic, fast and cost-effective learning can be done without going to a training at a specific time, but simply anywhere in the world, at any time of the day and at your own pace.

Early adoption
The benefits offered by K-Sim Connect have already been recognized by maritime schools and universities training the next generation of sailors. Many teachers have now started using K-Sim Connect apps as part of the new “blended learning” philosophy, which combines the best of both worlds in teaching methodology. While the value and importance of face-to-face interactions with tutors and fellow students cannot be underestimated, the benefits of bolstering classroom lessons with online self-study training, accessible anywhere, anytime , speak for themselves. The ability of students to prepare, undertake and repeat exercises, on their own computer and at their own pace, can make a huge difference in achieving learning outcomes.

Another distinct advantage of Kongsberg Digital’s cloud-based simulation solutions is that instructors can easily assess the student’s score from the exercise and review records of actions taken to see what decisions were made and, alternatively, where it went wrong. Additionally, the instructor can tap into a library of templates and exercise areas to assemble, distribute and score their own bespoke exercises, which can be instantly accessible to their students or even shared with other institutes in the community. online K-Sim Connect.

Integration with online learning institutions
The benefits offered by K-Sim Connect are also picked up by maritime e-learning providers and developed into their own training programs. Recently, the Massachusetts-based Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI) signed a partnership agreement with KDI to deliver a range of K-Sim Connect cloud-based simulation applications for online NMI students. .

NMI has created a dynamic learning management system that offers a wide range of online courses, reaching sailors around the world. This comprehensive online maritime education, training, examination and certification portal is known as Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO). NEMO has become a transformative model for maritime education and training and is a strong partner for KDI’s K-Sim Connect simulation applications. NMI will use Kongsberg Digital’s cloud-based simulation solutions as part of its e-learning courses.

Supporting technology and standards
KDI’s cloud-based simulation application library currently includes Engine Room Management, Cargo Handling, Radar, ECDIS and Route Planning solutions and will soon be expanded with other applications in the field of navigation training. The apps are subscription-based, making them ideal for changing training needs and course curricula, as training centers can select vessel or engine models, sailing areas, and more. that best suit their programs.

KDI’s cloud simulation solutions have become the first cloud-based simulators to receive the new DNV Class D certification. education and retraining of seafarers of today and tomorrow.