Magaya acquires Qwyk and SimpliShip, paving the way for digital customer experience in freight transportation


Magaya Corporation, the leading provider of logistics and supply chain automation software, today announced the acquisition of Qwyk, an industry-leading cloud-based digital freight forwarder platform, and from SimpliShip, a freight market platform focused on API connectivity and freight sourcing innovation. . The dual acquisition of Qwyk and SimpliShip is a cornerstone of Magaya’s digitization strategy and a driving force in optimizing the customer experience for multimodal freight, providing live data access through an easy-to-access customer portal. use. The acquisition, combined with the recent strategic acquisitions of ACELYNK and Catapult, reaffirms Magaya as a leader in digital transformation and experience management for the freight and logistics industry.

The Qwyk platform provides Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) with a customizable, white-label, customer-centric portal delivering a branded digital experience to end customers with all the functions of a digital freight forwarder in one application. Its out-of-the-box integrations keep quotes, shipments, milestones, and other data in sync, ensuring a single source of truth. Qwyk’s intuitive user interface and user experience design and connectivity agnostic approach will enable seamless integration with Magaya, delivering quick and easy deployment while providing the most comprehensive and powerful platform. for LSPs.

“Being a part of Magaya is exciting, not only for the Qwyk and SimpliShip teams, but for the industry as a whole. As language service providers seek new ways to deliver the connected experience modern customers desire, we have seen an increase in demand for an integrated Qwyk / Magaya solution. The combination of upstream Qwyk with our schedules and the construction of our platform, as well as the pricing and quotation management capabilities of Magaya, as well as with other integrations within the Magaya ecosystem, is important. Commented Martyn Verhaegen, CEO of Qwyk. The Qwyk database, the most comprehensive records of sailing schedules for FCL, LCL and air, combined with SimpliShip’s market expertise will bring new benefits to the more than 2,000 members of the Magaya network. In addition, it enables instant exchange of documents and data with other users, resulting in more efficient, secure and streamlined operational processes. “In addition, the possibility of making the SimpliShip freight market platform available to the Magaya network will develop the market with new business partners and further digitize the data exchange. The result: lower customer acquisition cost and improved customer satisfaction within an industry’s first digital platform, ”said Cory Margand, CEO of SimpliShip.

“The addition of Qwyk is the perfect complement to recent strategic acquisitions made by Magaya in the third quarter of 2020, positioning the combined company at the forefront of an ongoing digital revolution in the logistics industry,” said Gary Nemmers, CEO of Magaya. “This acquisition allows Magaya to provide the most complete solution digital freight fulfillment platform on the market. From a single-branded platform for the customer, we can now provide full digitization of everything from pricing and quotes to shipping and warehousing operations, compliance, customer experience, etc. Freight forwarding customers can go from quote to reservation in minutes and easily manage and track their shipments through a collaborative interface. Magaya’s digital platform will disrupt and ultimately transform the market, allowing our customers to take advantage of a modern and fully integrated platform that will allow them to grow commercially, from grow to market. globally and deliver an incredible customer experience.


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