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Ministry looking for land for affordable housing

Posted on: Friday December 10, 2021

By: Sherell Jeffrey

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Kota Kinabalu: The State Ministry of Local Government and Housing (KKTP) plans to acquire land reserves at reasonable prices to build affordable housing. Minister Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun said the Sabah Land Development Board (SLDB) did not have many land reserves and had to look for new ones. which are reasonably priced. Some potential affordable locations can be found along Jalan Papar Lama, which is also part of the Pan Borneo Road network.


“My goal is to buy and acquire land in the neighborhood at a low cost so that I can build affordable homes for people,” he said. To a question from Sindumin who suggested that affordable houses be built in areas already equipped with the necessary infrastructure and equipment, Masidi said, “In our position there is not a lot of land. We don’t have much of a choice. We must conform to what we have in front of us. “I would like to think that everything is fun and enjoyable, but I have to be realistic enough that we have to use what is available to us.” Earlier, he said the ministry’s goal is to improve people’s lives by improving the delivery system and fully implementing its development programs by 2022. This includes preparing 175 low-cost housing units. prices in Kemabong, Sukau and Beluran, with prices ranging from RM42,000 to RM47,000 for each unit. “My ministry also established the KKTP 2021-2025 anti-corruption plan in response to the government’s demand to abolish and fight corruption,” he said. He also said that the ministry’s complaints monitoring system is nearing completion (penetration testing) before being fully implemented in early 2022. “This method will allow the ministry to monitor complaints. submitted to the ministry immediately online and provide a quick response or feedback, ”he said. noted. He believes that this will simplify the handling of complaints to a certain extent and that one day the reaction of the ministry or the local authority to the problems encountered by all taxpayers will be faster and more responsive. Masidi responded to a question from MP Datuk Raime Unggi saying that his ministry is aware that rising prices for building materials are one of the main causes of rising house prices. “Other factors contributing to rising house prices include the cost of transportation, construction labor, interest on bank loans and high land prices. ”


Housing prices are high because of these variables, which are taken into account by private real estate developers, ”he said. Another factor is the extent to which all local authorities are effective in their efforts to approve the development plan. “Sometimes it takes too long for a development plan to be approved by local authorities. The loan was granted and interest began to accrue; and when the developer takes too long to begin construction, the buyer will be responsible for the cost of financing after the house is completed. See page 2, column 4 on page one. “This is why I often stress the need for all local authorities to be effective,” he said. “When we remove the bureaucracy from granting approvals, the financial cost of building the home is reduced, saving money not only for the developers, but also for the end buyer. He said it was not up to local governments to manage profit margins, but rather to ensure that the developer lived up to their promise to meet the profit cap in order to avoid additional costs to homebuyers. In response to a question from Senallang, Masidi said that the increase in cement prices is happening everywhere and not just in Sabah. “I compared the prices of cement on the peninsula and found that they are almost identical to ours. Sarawak is, in fact, a little more expensive. “The main cause is the cost of the clinker, which is used to make cement. Unfortunately, this clinker is only produced on the peninsula and all transactions are done in US dollars. If the value of our ringgit goes down, the price will go up. “The second factor is transportation costs. Some may not be aware that the cost of freight has nearly doubled in recent months, contributing to the rise in cement costs. “I understand that Sabah Cement Industry has performed a number of actions, one of which is a buying or selling center in the Sabah Cement Industry area. “Because, in my experience, the price in Kota Kinabalu is often the same as in the cement industry in Sabah, while the price in other districts is RM3 or RM4 more. “At the last Cabinet meeting, I proposed that Sabah Cement Industry establish a retail center so that real estate developers and others can continue to buy at a reasonable price, that is, at the price of ‘factory, which is priced at Sabah Cement Industry, ”he said. “Another way of looking at it is that I think buyers should be making informed decisions. I think we should be wise enough not to buy homes where we know the profit margin has been inflated. But, again, we have a problem as there aren’t a lot of affordable properties in Sabah. That’s why we need to locate a property at a fair cost in order to build affordable housing, ”he said. Meanwhile, the ministry received RM 135.11 million, up from RM 132.4 million in 2020. A total of RM 121.22 million is for procurement expenditure, while RM 13.89 million are intended for development expenditure.
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