More track dubbing this year

One of the many reasons the government has not introduced enough trains is to avoid rail traffic, as many key routes are still single track. However, the outlook looks positive this year, according to railway officials.

The Hindupur-Penukonda (38 km) doubling project is expected to be completed by the end of January. The Gadag-Hombal line (16 km) – which is part of the Gadag-Hotgi doubling project – is also expected to be completed by January. Another project slated for completion by January is the Nittur-Banasandra (22 km), which is part of the Tumkur-Arsikere doubling project. The 50 km Haveri-Saunshi The project, which is part of the Hubballi-Bengaluru Doubling Project, is expected to be completed by February. The Londa-Suldhal line (78 km) is expected to be completed by March. The projects will give a huge boost to connectivity across Karnataka.

Aneesh Hegde, CPRO, South Western Railways told Mirror: “Between April and December 2021, 231 km of track was electrified in SWR. ROS exceeds this duration in the realization of the electrification of all the railway zones of the country. Some of the main sections electrified between January and December 2021 were Yeshwanthpur-Tumakuru (64 km) and Baiyappanahalli-Banaswadi (4 km).

Until December 2021, SWR loaded 31 MT of freight. “This was 20% more than the freight loaded by SWR during the corresponding period of 2021. SWR also recorded the highest parcel load on record. We transported 251.77 tons of freight and generated a turnover of 88.92 crore rupees. This corresponds to a 140% growth in parcel transport over the same period in 2020. This includes Kisan special trains and express freight trains of special packages. These initiatives have benefited farmers, retail traders, and manufacturers of industrial and other components in Bangalore and surrounding areas. They are able to transfer their products to various parts of the country and reach new markets, ”said Hegde.

Hegde said the SWR transported 171 auto rakes from Bengaluru Div to various parts of the country from April to December 2021, the highest on record. Toyota, Kia, TVS are among SWR’s main customers. Railways have become a reliable carrier of choice. Toyota moved from road transport to rail transport. The doubling between Devarapalle-Hindupur (10.72 km) was put into service on 15.12.2021 (Division Bengaluru). Across the SWR from April to December 2021, the 61 km doubling project was put into operation, including Madgaon-Sanvordem (15 km) and Hombal-Hole Alur (36 km).