MYS 2021: a truly successful show

This year, MYS took up the industry challenge launched a few months ago, by building the show around the experience of visitors and that of (future) yacht buyers in particular. The show brought together 440 exhibitors and 101 superyachts, half of which were launched in 2020 and 2021, for a total estimated value of 3.6 billion euros at the start of the show. The yachts on display included 37 new launches and 14 superyachts measuring over 70m in length.

“We have worked alongside players from across the industry to present a show that meets the expectations of the latter and more particularly of their clientele. The MYS 2021 seems to have benefited from the excitement generated by this reunion, as well as the favorable state of the market, with an increase in yacht sales over the last 18 months: customers have turned to yachting to escape the the gloomy context that the pandemic has caused and the frustration of seeing their freedom restricted. Therefore, 2021 has been a win-win year for everyone involved in yachting. Thanks to the steering committee created this year, we intend to continue our collaboration in order to further improve the MYS for the 2022 edition ”, declares Gaëlle Tallarida, general manager of the MYS.

Travel constraints and health regulations partly explain the drop in attendance on Monegasque docks, but lower attendance was indeed expected and expected by the organizers. Their objective was to reduce the number of visitors, while focusing on specific profiles and thus facilitating connections between exhibitors and their target clientele. According to the yacht builders and brokers at the show, their visiting hours were full from the start of the event and potential customers came on board with serious intention to buy. This trend is certainly part of the current rise in yacht sales.

Manufacturers remain convinced that the new MYS format will ultimately bring enormous added value to the industry. “The 2021 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show was the first opportunity to see the results of a change in approach to the show, with a strong focus on customers in the industry rather than on the commercial activities within it. . The result was a more relaxed atmosphere, and without the overcrowding of the docks, the experience for these customers was much more in line with the experience of the superyacht itself. It is important to capitalize on this opportunity and to continue on the path we have chosen, improving where necessary. In this way, the Monaco Yacht Show will retain its important and high-level role both in presenting the unique products shaped by the industry and also in promoting the lifestyle of superyachts ”, confirms Theo Hooning, general secretary of SYBAss ( an association of over 40 meter yacht builders).

Among the novelties of MYS 2021, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub offered visitors a better understanding of the process of building a custom yacht and a glimpse into the future of superyacht design, thanks to talks by designers Espen Oeino, Luiz De Basto Designs, Sam Sorgiovanni, Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design and Winch Design. This interactive space also allowed the designers present to present their work, giving visitors the opportunity to meet the experts who will design their future yacht.

The new Sailing Yacht Area featured no less than 12 tall ships. An appropriate figure, given that sailboats currently represent 15% of the world’s pleasure craft fleet. This space dedicated to sailboats targeted a new clientele of boaters, highlighting the advantages of sportier and more environmentally friendly navigation, while benefiting from the same level of comfort, technology and equipment as on board. motor yachts.

The 2021 edition thus marks a key step in the new approach of the MYS for the years to come: the event aims to offer a tailor-made platform to promote the superyacht for a new generation of customers, thus benefiting all sectors of the market. .

Credits: MY S