New taxes push fuel prices up in Tanzania


The prices of petroleum products in Tanzania recorded their largest monthly increase in four months from July 1, with the entry into force of the changes outlined in the new budget law.

Retail prices for gasoline, diesel and kerosene were up 6.94%, 6.87% and 8.38%, respectively, from June, while wholesale prices climbed 7. 34% (gasoline), 7.3% (diesel) and 8.94% (kerosene).

The latest monthly price caps for petroleum products announced by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) last week reflected a Tsh 100 ($ 0.043) increase in fuel tax per liter of gasoline and diesel and a similar increase of Tsh 100 in oil royalties for each liter of kerosene as specified in the new legislation.

Prices in Dar es Salaam have remained cheaper than in the rest of the country thanks to robust shipping stocks at its port compared to the ports of Tanga and Mtwara and the absence of freight charges than the region of l hinterland must incur.

Price at the pump

Wholesale prices in the commercial capital are now Tsh 2,275.9 ($ 0.98) for gasoline, Tsh 2,086 ($ 0.899) for diesel and Tsh 1,992.51 ($ 0.859) for gasoline. kerosene. The retail price of gasoline in Dar has increased from Tsh 2,249 ($ 0.97) to Tsh 2,405 ($ 1.037) per liter, diesel from Tsh 2,073 ($ 0.894) to Tsh 2,215 ($ 0.955) ) per liter, and kerosene on the rise. from Tsh 1,957 ($ 0.844) to Tsh 2,121 ($ 0.915) per liter.


Prices in the northern and southern regions, served by the ports of Tanga and Mtwara respectively, increased slightly while prices in the regions served by Dar, including the administrative capital Dodoma, also fluctuated upward depending on distance from the coast.

“Besides changes in fuel taxes and oil royalties, changes in local prices are also due to changes in world oil market prices and BPS premiums,” Ewura said.

The government agency has advised service station operators in the northern and southern regions to source kerosene from Dar es Salaam due to the depletion of product stocks in the storage terminals at Tanga ports and from Mtwara, which necessitated further upward adjustments in the price of that particular commodity due to transportation. fresh.

The last time fuel prices fell in Tanzania was in January this year, when retail prices in Dar es Salaam stood at Tsh 1,834 ($ 0.79) for gasoline, 1 695 Tsh ($ 0.73) for diesel and 1,650 Tsh ($ 0.71) for kerosene.