‘OpenRoaming Live’ illuminates secure, high-performance Wi-Fi hotspots in Chicago for WBA Wireless World Congress

Convenient, Fast, Enterprise-Grade Secure Public Wi-Fi Showcased in Chicago

Chicago, United States, June 9, 2022: The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) today announced that it will offer Wireless Global Congress attendees and visitors free and seamless access to OpenRoaming™ Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the conference, which runs from will be held June 6-9 at the Hilton Palmer House hotel in Chicago. Visitors to the hotel’s conference area can use WBA OpenRoaming to stay securely connected throughout the 4 days, including at the hotel and other selected OpenRoaming-enabled locations.

Now available on more than one million hotspots worldwide, WBA OpenRoaming frees users from the need to constantly re-register or re-enter login credentials, while maintaining enterprise-grade security and privacy. The WBA OpenRoaming standard also enables enterprises, device OEMs, service providers and others to provide performance guarantees and, with Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, a carrier-grade experience as users roam between different public/private Wi-Fi areas.

OpenRoaming Live, Chicago, was made possible by WBA in conjunction with Agreefy, AT&T, Boingo, Cisco, CommScope, GlobalReach Technology, Intel, Hilton, MiniMe Labs, Single Digits and Wefi.

Originally showcased at MWC Barcelona 2022, OpenRoaming Live demonstrates the industry’s first standard combination of convenience, security and performance. To start using OpenRoaming, WGC attendees and visitors simply download an OpenRoaming ID, agree to the terms and conditions, and they’re online – if accessing from a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone, they simply select OpenRoaming in network options and they will connect automatically. With OpenRoaming, they only have to connect once, and then they’ll automatically connect to any OpenRoaming-enabled hotspot they visit.

Launched in May 2020, the WBA has just launched version 3 of the WBA OpenRoaming standard, which will make the business and commercial aspects of roaming easier than ever and, most importantly, reduce hundreds of hours of legal and administrative time during the establishment of roaming regulations. Agreements.

Tiago Rodrigues, CEO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, said“For more than 16 years, Wi-Fi has blanketed Chicago, allowing visitors and residents to stay connected across the city. At Wireless Global Congress, WBA OpenRoaming Live will demonstrate how the OpenRoaming standard takes this convenience to the next level by allowing attendees to log in once to maintain a secure, carrier-grade connection at Palmer House and 845 N Michigan Avenue. And with over one million OpenRoaming hotspots worldwide, Wireless Global Congress can enjoy the same combination of convenience, performance and security when they return home.

Bart Giordano, SVP and GM at Ruckus Networks, CommScope said“By making OpenRoaming Wi-Fi hotspots available throughout the conference, we demonstrated just how powerful OpenRoaming can be in providing seamless and secure, one-style connectivity across multiple sites. We hope the release 3 of OpenRoaming launched to further accelerate the adoption of OpenRoaming by providing a simpler and scalable business framework, enhanced security and simplified management through automation.”

OpenRoaming demos at Wireless Global Congress:

During the event, demonstrations were also organized to show how OpenRoaming is evolving:

Flight experience – Members of the WBA Inflight Workgroup, led by Deutsche Telekom, GlobalReach Technology, Inmarsat, Single Digits and Viasat demonstrated how OpenRoaming connectivity delivered in aircraft can be achieved. Following the recent launch of the In-Flight white paper to WBA members, it shows the incremental user experience improvements offered by Passpoint®, with the use of OpenRoaming and other technologies allowing users with devices pre-configured to enjoy frictionless access to in-flight systems for in-flight entertainment and internet access.

OpenRoaming for PC – Intel and AT&T introduced PCs connected to OpenRoaming for the very first time, using an Intel-powered PC with an AT&T SIM card. Additionally, Intel and Single Digits demonstrated a concept to rapidly expand OpenRoaming adoption through an online portal. This portal will be available for public preview and can be used to pre-provision Intel PCs for OpenRoaming.

Test network – Intel, in conjunction with Cisco, also announced the launch of an OpenRoaming test network at its Casper, Oregon test facility. Intel will use this network to expand its testing of OpenRoaming for PC and to engage more partners in this effort.

TIP OpenWi-Fi – TIP OpenWiFi networks, NetExperience, ActionTec and Edgecore, will collectively demonstrate OpenRoaming access over multi-vendor networks at the WBA Wireless World Congress in Chicago. The demo will feature Boingo and AT&T subscribers seamlessly joining a disaggregated enterprise Wi-Fi software stack running on multiple TIP OpenWiFi enabled access points. available from different hardware manufacturers, with a NetExperience Cloud Controller fully coordinating and optimizing the required WLAN network settings, providing a high-quality experience for subscribers connected through different vendor access points.

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