Passenger traffic leaving ports in Attica for a long weekend is expected to peak on Saturday

More Athenians are expected to join Friday’s mass exodus from the Greek capital for Saturday’s long holiday weekend.

The Monday feast of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost Monday) brought heavy traffic to Greek ports, whether for short jaunts to the nearby Argosaronic Islands or further afield.

On Friday, 21 ships left the main port of Piraeus, carrying 20,637 passengers, 2,739 cars, 896 trucks and 744 motorcycles. For the neighboring islands of the Argosaronic Gulf (Salamina, Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra and Spetses), 24 boats left Piraeus with 6,010 passengers, 1,066 cars, 38 trucks and 263 motorcycles.

At the port of Rafina, on the east coast of Attica, a total of 20 ships sailed for the islands on Friday, carrying 10,390 passengers, 2,384 cars, 87 trucks and 283 motorbikes, and at the port of Lavrio, further south , 11 ships left for the islands with 4,652 passengers, 1,162 cars, 37 trucks and 120 motorcycles.

Passenger traffic is expected to increase today Saturday. A total of 19 ships depart from Piraeus on Saturday for the islands, another 31 on smaller ships for the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, 16 ships from Rafina and 8 ships from Lavrio.

Port authorities have warned travelers to be in port an hour before sailing times. [AMNA]