Ravenna DORA on track to be in place by early summer events

The Ravenna City Council has approved a first reading on Ravenna Designated outdoor refreshment area recently, opening the door for the program to be set up for early summer events.

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Legal Director Frank Cimino said that because some last-minute clarifications needed to be made to the ordinance, it could not be approved as emergency legislation. A special Ravenna City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, after committee meetings that begin at 6 p.m., to review the ordinance.

A DORA is an area of ​​a city where alcoholic beverages may be sold by licensed liquor establishments for consumption outside. Kent established its DORA in mid-2020 and a DORA in Garrettsville went into effect in June 2021.

Each business in the DORA zone would then have a color-coded sticker on their door indicating whether DORA drinks would be allowed inside or not. Customers would also receive a wristband to indicate they are old enough to buy alcohol, which would be a different color each day.

The DORA would be in effect Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Should a special event be held on another day, the organizer should apply for a special permit to extend DORA hours.

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In a recent discussion of DORA, one council member felt the days people could drink outside should be extended, while another argued for them to be reduced.

Councilor Rob Kairis asked why Sunday would not be a regular day for DORA to operate, since some special events may extend into Sunday. Councilor Cheryl Wood said that in this case, an event organizer could apply for a permit from the mayor’s office, who can extend DORA for special events, if needed.

Jim Wade, owner of the West Main Street Winery and Brewery, said his company’s liquor license does not allow alcohol to be sold on Sundays, which the company is working to change.

Councilor Tim Calfee, meanwhile, said he believed Thursdays should be dropped from DORA, allowing alcohol to be taken outside only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Councilman Paul Moskun also raised concerns about additional litter that could be the result of people drinking outside.

Services manager Kay Dubinsky said she spoke to Republic, the hauler that collects 74 cans of garbage from downtown every Friday. The Republic, she said, is also willing to collect trash from the 62 cans in the proposed DORA area on Monday as well. She said the additional collection would cost $559 a year if the waste from all 62 cans were collected, she said.

Wood said she hopes to see the DORA in place in time for upcoming special events this summer, including Art on Main, which will take place downtown on June 11.

“We need to move forward on that to get it in place for some of these big events that are happening in the early summer,” she said.

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