Rotterdam Port Authority provides insight into container ship waiting times

On the Port Performance page opened by the Port Authority of Rotterdam (HbR), users can view the waiting times of container ships in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Antwerp. Charts are based on eSea AIS data and are updated every Monday.

Supply chains are constantly changing. Chain partners are expected to anticipate deviations at acceptable costs. Reliability is the key word. By providing insight into port performance indicators, better choices can be made, existing capacity is better utilized and chain performance is improved, according to the port authority on its website.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority aims to provide insight into the efficiency of container handling in the port by developing, measuring and publishing performance indicators. To be able to provide insight into this, data sharing between all parts of the chain is necessary.

Waiting time
“Data on ship waiting times is already available, so this is a first step towards an overview of port performance. Over time, additional indicators will be added.”

In addition to the performance overview of the Port of Rotterdam, an overview is also provided on the performance of the three surrounding ports in North West Europe. These ports have the same sailing times and this has an impact on performance.

Source: Port of Rotterdam