ROUGH CUTS | Always silent on the 3 fronts of the Congress

IT APPEARS to be seemingly silent on all fronts of the congressional race in Davao City less than eight months before the next local and national elections.

In other words, the re-election of the three outgoing members of Congress is already done. In the First District, no names have surfaced to show even the semblance of defiance against sitting Congressman Presidential son Pulong Duterte. In the second arrondissement, however, a potential challenger could suddenly emerge if it is necessary to link the posts made by this personality on his Facebook page to the political ambition of the person. But so far there has been no statement from the person regarding the scheduled race. But that personality can eventually decide whether some assurance of a potential breakup will surface.

Meanwhile, in the Third Congressional District, it is as if incumbent President Isidro “Sid” Ungab is smoothly navigating his candidacy for a second three-year term undisturbed by campaign exit programs in the barangays. under its jurisdiction. So far, no name has arisen as a possible challenger to his post. It is likely that his strong performance as a legislator and as a provider of tangible social and infrastructure projects in his district as well as throughout Davao City has firmly anchored him in his political fiefdom.

As for the councilors representing the three constituencies, what is certain is that all those who are still eligible for re-election have long expressed their desire to be re-elected. This despite the fact that some of them know they haven’t done enough to show their value to the local legislature. Of course, their photos, their abrasive way of showing that they occasionally walk with those in power both in the city and in the national corridors, are brought together as often as possible to show their supposed connection to the powers. in place. So that makes them deserving of Davaoeno’s votes. Or so they think.

This could probably be the reason why they seem so confident that they have the edge over other potential aspirants, especially newbies.

Of course, it stands to reason that we all know that we have reached this level of supposed political maturity. Only that we did not survive it. Thus, we remained stuck in the quagmire of having in our local legislature some of the more mediocre individuals who were there primarily through their upbeat relationships with the perennial occupants of the SP chairs.

But can we blame them? Maybe not. After all, their families have a long-standing connection to the city’s power source and they are not amnesiac with the gratitude debts of their grandparents, parents and later their own debts to their family line in. terms of support that helped the perpetuation of their family in Power.

So far, we can only remember two leaders who reached the pinnacle of power and remained steadfast in their commitment to fight the temptation to remain in office in any capacity after their term ended. .

One is the former president of British-dominated South Africa, Nelson Mandela. The other is former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos. Mandela still had his head held high to ward off the pressure to run for reelection despite South Africans’ national clamor.

In our own country, at the end of Ramos’ tenure, he vigorously fought any inducements to run for him as Vice President or any other position below President so that he remained in the service of his people. . After all, the constitutional ban on re-election to the same office only applies to presidents. In other words, as had been settled by the Estrada and Arroyo candidacies for lower elective positions, Ramos could have challenged the legitimacy of the ban he chose. But for delicadeza, he did not do it. Instead, he chose to become an older statesman again and got busy writing his memoirs. In fact, he never attempted to train any of his descendants for future political posts.

For this we have only all admiration for man.

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