Silk Way West adds online booking with a new site

Freight operator Silk Way West has launched a new website which includes online booking and improved shipment tracking capabilities.

The new site offers several new features, including newly integrated online booking services as well as improved freight tracking and CO2 calculator.

The Azerbaijan-based airline said the online booking feature allows freight forwarders and sales agents to send freight inquiries directly to the airline through the website and receive booking confirmation with flight data. by email.

The enhanced tracking service with an integrated CO2 The Emissions Calculator offers real-time status tracking through the website, which calculates the carbon emissions generated by shipments based on cargo weight, origin and destination.

Silk Way West Airlines President Wolfgang Meier said: “Adapting the website to our new corporate identity and adding useful features and important functions makes it a great experience for customers entering the world of Silk Way. The next step in digitizing our processes is the launch of online booking through our website, which will further enhance our ability to reach potential customers. »

Along with modernizing its website, the carrier has also sought to update its fleet this year.

In June, the carrier announced that it had signed a purchase agreement for two of the recently launched Airbus A350 freighters as part of the modernization of its fleet.

Last year, the carrier also added capacity to a third-party online booking portal.

Silk Way West Airlines orders two Airbus A350Fs