Spend, travel and worry less about your retail business using Alibaba.com

The average American small business worker is estimated to work more than 50 hours per week. That’s almost 14 hours more than the average American worker, and probably 14 hours these SMEs want to be able to save in their weekly efforts.

But how do you get there?

Fortunately, retailers and small businesses that struggle with limited time and budget no longer have to settle for these realities. Using Alibaba.com, there is a lot to offer to SMEs, starting with saving time and spending less. Curious about how it works? Find out below.

Opportunities to earn money

Buy low and sell high. This is the very basic concept of making money on the items you sell as a small to mid-size online retailer. With Alibaba.com, you can source directly from anywhere in the world. This means that you are not limited by your location. More than 190 countries, 40 industries and 5,900 categories are available to you in 16 translated languages.

Alibaba.com brings 20 years of experience helping business-to-business (B2B) businesses with millions of products from hundreds of thousands of vendors you can choose from. And one of the best ways to make these products available to small and medium-sized online retailers like you is to drop shipping.

Spend less for Alibaba.com really means spending less. Via the Alibaba.com Dropshipping Center, there are 40 categories providing over one million – and growing – trendy products from over 7,000 pre-vetted, high-quality manufacturers. So, you’re probably wondering how much less will you spend with one of these dropshippers, right?

Within the Alibaba.com Dropshipping Center, 72% of available products are under $ 15. And if you make your purchase during Super September (September 1-30, 2021), you get an additional 10% discount.

Alibaba.com drop shipping support

If finding products that are easy to ship direct has been a challenge, look no further than Alibaba.com. Execution becomes easy while using Alibaba.com, with the following details helping their users even more:

  • Over a million products and counting in 40 categories.
  • One-click product import to add new products quickly and easily to your online store.
  • Full supply chain transparency with automated payment processing and shipment tracking for your online retail store and customers.
  • Automated payment and order fulfillment processes.

You can also automate store login, product listing, order processing, and shipment tracking by accessing Alibaba.com Dropshipping solutions through Shopify, WooCommerce, Syncee, Spocket, Dropified, and Modalyst platform integrations with others on the way.

With Alibaba.com You also get ready-to-ship supplies, flexible customization, low-to-ship minimum order quantity (MOQ), and request for quotation (RFQ).

Travel less … or not at all

Let’s face it, traveling takes time and money. Yet, as a small online retailer, this is not always readily available. Still, it’s important to explore the inventory you want to account for for your business, which is why Alibaba.com offers four features designed to solve this problem.

# 1: virtual reality showroom

With over 8,000 immersive virtual reality showrooms, you can browse and examine products using virtual reality technology. Beyond short videos, True View allows you to control how you view the product in an immersive environment. With a detailed 360 ° image of the product, you can examine it from all angles.

# 2: true view

Another way to view a product is with True View. This is yet another tool that vendors use to showcase their products with a short video to quickly highlight key features. With videos up to one minute long, suppliers show everything from product usage to features like strength, colors, sizes, and more.

# 3: LIVE

After watching the product on the Virtual Reality and True View showroom, you can then move on to a live broadcast with the provider. This allows you to speak one-on-one with a live person so that you can ask additional questions about your choice. Live chats will give you an overview of the supplier’s company, facility capabilities and products.

While not exactly a face-to-face meeting, it is the best thing for a small online retailer to do as well as to avoid restrictions in the event of a pandemic.

# 4: less worry

Once you’re ready to order the products you want, the last thing you need to worry about is getting them to you and your customers on time. And for small to medium-sized online retailers, logistics are difficult to manage and can be a time consuming and expensive task. Lack of certainty, transparency and availability can make running your business more stressful than it should be.

In the post-COVID circumstances, Elite Partner Event helps to connect global buyers and sellers and build trust with each other. It provides buyers with selected verified suppliers with strong branding, production and supply chain capability that can facilitate communication between buyers and sellers without the need for expensive travel and in-person visits. In addition, EPE brings the products you need, provides information on the latest technology, and offers minimized risk and insurance.

Alibaba.com Logistics has an on-time * delivery service with products ready to ship as well as accurate end-to-end delivery time estimates. This includes additional compensation for delivery delays. There are currently over 19 million products ready to ship with fast shipping time.

Another service available to you is duty paid delivery. It is a one-stop door-to-door logistics solution to better manage your budget and logistics with full end-to-end costs. DDP Pavilion products are eligible for one-stop logistics services. With these purchases, you get the quote for the full cost. The seller will take care of everything from shipping and customs clearance at the destination port to last mile delivery to your address.

Last but not least, prioritizes trade routes for more stable logistics services to 169 countries and regions around the world. You can access global logistics partners with some of the world’s leading shippers. You can guarantee the capacity and shipping space by using ZIM, De Well and Wenyao showrooms directly on Alibaba.com.

If you want your small online retail business to be up and running smoothly, Alibaba.com does it for you. Start growing your online business by taking advantage of Alibaba.com‘s Super September up to 40% off promotion. It’s their biggest sale of the year!

Spend less and sell more online by taking advantage of current discounts and promotions at Super september.

* On-time delivery service is applicable on certain products only and subject to terms and conditions.

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