The Evolution of Building vs. Buying Shipping Software

Retailers, e-merchants, 3PLs and the manufacturers that support them know how to build brands and sell products. However, when it comes to implementing shipping technology that solves critical last-mile delivery issues, the decision usually comes down to building in-house or buying off the shelf.

Builders are looking for a fully owned solution to provide high control, customization and differentiation. Buyers want faster deployment, lower upfront costs, and cutting-edge technology when purchasing a shipping solution.

Best of Building and Buying Shipping Software

However, when working with the right technology partner, the decision to buy or build your last mile shipping software is no longer a choice scenario; you can get the best of both. By outsourcing specific aspects of the solution that are traditionally the most difficult, such as carrier compliance, returns and package tracking.

Ultimately, there is no right answer for all businesses. For some, building software in-house can work. For others, purchasing last mile software from a vendor is the best solution. But, as the shipping industry and technology evolves, a third option of building and purchasing shipping software can provide the complete package needed to gain a competitive advantage.

Download this eBook to learn how to get the best of both, including:

  • Current last mile delivery challenges and what your fulfillment technology needs to overcome them
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of building versus buying shipping technology, and how to balance them
  • The aspects of the customer delivery experience where it makes the most sense to buy and where it makes the most sense to build

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