This is us, fans will really appreciate Mandy Moore’s breastfeeding pic

Mandy moore took to Instagram this week to share her thoughts on her breastfeeding journey with baby August, but what was apparently a simple sweet caption alongside a touching black and white photo of the new family took a rather hilarious turn. .

“Breastfeeding isn’t always smooth sailing,” Mandy wrote, noting frustrations with clogged ducts, complicated feeding schedules and pumping. “But breastfeeding this little boy over the past six months has been such a beautiful, messy and fulfilling experience that I will cherish forever.”

In addition to the initial photo of her with Gus and her husband Taylor Goldsmith, she also included a close-up portrait of herself breastfeeding and, for good measure, a photo of her breastfeeding her son in makeup while filming. It’s us. (Scroll through the photos in the Instagram post above to see it!)

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Yes, she shared a photo of a mid-60s Rebecca breastfeeding a baby, and made no mention of it – the perfect little surprise for fans of the hit series.

His otherwise sentimental caption continued: “It goes without saying that #fedisbest and I am grateful for my body and the tremendous support I have had around me – especially at the start of the days and weeks when I did. no idea what I was doing – for allowing me to feed my nice boy this time. “

Although most of her responses were heart emoji, a few famous friends couldn’t get enough of her little panties.

“That third photo thooo !!!” Zachary Levi wrote, his comment gleaning nearly 2,000 likes.

“Rebecca’s breastfeeding shocked me!” another said. “It’s Rebecca’s young body and old face to me!”

We love your style, Mandy. “Oh so gratifying” indeed!