This luggage rack can follow you through crowded areas

We’ve seen companies bring innovative smart backpacks and racks to the market over the past couple of years. Similarly, in 2019, a company named Piaggio Fast Forward developed an automated pedestrian luggage rack called Gita. Now, the company aims to release a more modern version of the cargo carrier in the form of a compact backpack.

Boston-based company calls new variant Gitamini (pronounced Jee-Tah mini) and aims to bring the product to market soon. It is basically a compact luggage carrier that can intelligently follow its owner while avoiding others and obstacles in its path.

Now the original Gita could carry up to 18 kg of luggage and travel at speeds of up to 9 km / h to follow its owner. However, its lower sensors and large size became a nuisance in crowded areas. Thus, Piaggio Fast Forward designed the Gitamini to overcome the problems of its predecessor.

This automated luggage rack can intelligently follow you through crowded areas

The Gitamini is quite compact compared to the Gita. It’s about half the size of the previous version and weighs 12 kg. However, since it is an automated transporter, you will not need to transport it. Plus, it comes with an extendable handle for pulling it like regular luggage or hoisting it up stairs or sidewalks.

The Gitamini comes with a battery that can power the automated transporter for run up to 6 hours or go up to 33 km. It has advanced optical and machine vision technology to intelligently find, recognize and track its “leader” in crowded spaces. Plus, it doesn’t require any GPS, wireless, or any type of network connection to do it.

The wheels of the robotic luggage are powered independently, allowing it to perform zero radius turns. There is also a third motor which helps maintain the overall balance of the Gitamini during acceleration and deceleration. In addition, it will keep a safe distance and speed to avoid bumping into its owner or other pedestrians. Users can use the companion app to control various features.

This automated luggage rack can intelligently follow you through crowded areas

The company has also integrated “pedestrian tag software” into the robot. This essentially trains the Gitamini to keep track of its owners and cleverly dodge other pedestrians and obstacles as it moves.

Now, when it comes to the price and availability of the Gitamini, the robotic baggage transporter is for a generous $ 1,850 (~ Rs 1,36,338). It will be available in two colors, namely Spark Citron and Boardwalk Beige, and will launch on October 15. Although the company will launch the new version of Gitamini on the market, it will continue to sell the original Gita at a reduced price of $ 2,950 (~ Rs 2,17,403). The mini will be available for purchase from the company’s official website when it launches next month.

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