Truckstop CEO finds her form

Kendra Tucker got into trucking by chance. After working in software companies for 15 years, she was looking for a change, but she had three criteria for her next move.

The first concerned corporate culture. Tucker was looking for a company that focused on business and financial success, but not at the expense of its workforce. She also wanted to know that she worked for a company that made technology products to help people in their industry succeed. Third, she was looking for a company that demonstrated a strong product market fit and need.

“Truckstop checked those three boxes really well,” Tucker said. “From the first interaction I had with the leadership team here, they just exuded integrity. The culture was just palpable based on the few conversations I had and the more I immersed myself in it, the more I liked it.

“Transportation as an industry is different from other industries I’ve served,” she added. “I like its complexity. I like that critical nature of the mission.

Tucker joined in 2020 as Chief Revenue Officer. In 2021, she was named chief operating officer, and this year alone Tucker assumed the role of CEO, succeeding Paris Cole, who retired from her long-term position as CEO in April.

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“I was both honored and touched to take on this position,” Tucker explained. “Truckstop has been around for 27 years. To succeed our first two CEOs, I am honored to take over. »

“Running a business the size of Truckstop comes with a lot of responsibility as well as the growth opportunities we have,” she added. “We have so many opportunities ahead of us as a company – so many that Paris Cole and I have talked about figuring out which opportunities to take, which is a privileged position to be in.

Tucker’s vision for the company is to continue on this path of growth. Over the past five years, Truckstop has multiplied as a software provider, offering additional automated services in addition to freight matching capabilities. When Truckstop got its start in the industry more than two decades ago, it was the first company to put a loading panel on the internet, Tucker said. The company was originally called Internet Truckstop.

Tucker is focused on leveraging the company’s roots in innovation to continue helping trucking companies streamline efficiency.

“Right now there are so many automated and disconnected processes that whether you’re on the trader’s side or the broker’s side, you sometimes try to connect the systems manually,” she said.

“As we have grown the business, other opportunities continue to open up,” Tucker added. “There are still parts of the trucking industry that don’t use us. This is a great opportunity for us that we will be pursuing quite a bit this year and over the next three years or so.

From her early days as an individual software contributor to her more recent leadership roles, Tucker has had to learn to put the needs of her team and the entire organization ahead of her own personal successes.

“I remember receiving a lot of coaching and feedback during this process, some of which I sought out and some of which was proactively given to me because I wasn’t doing it right,” a- she said laughing. “It was a good learning experience, and it was humbling because I knew a lot less than I thought. I had a lot to learn from others.”

Another major learning experience occurred when she became a working mother.

“It’s tough,” Tucker pointed out. “It’s the pinnacle of multitasking: being able to manage and care for a newborn while simultaneously making very difficult business decisions.”

“I feel like it’s completed me more. I’m so driven as a professional that having a kid has added balance. Being able to have both at the same time required a lot of flexibility, d “Introspection and constant, continuous thinking about whether I’m doing it right. Probably not, but we’re getting there,” she joked.

Ultimately, what Tucker finds most appealing about the industry is that it’s the heart of America. Moving forward in her role as CEO of Truckstop, Tucker is taking to heart some advice she received when she first joined the industry.

“Transportation is an industry that rewards the ‘good guys’,” she said. “Because transportation recognizes the heart and intent of the players within it, being authentic matters more in this industry than any other industry I’ve been in. My advice is to bring your authentic self to work every day, because you will be rewarded for it.