UAE-Pakistan trade relations on track

Senior officials pose for a group photo before the meeting.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Company editor

Bilateral trade between the UAE and Pakistan is on a solid growth path and advancing. A delegation led by Khan Zaman Sarwar, a prominent Pakistani businessman, chairman of the Al Ibrahimi group and member of the board of directors of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently met Abdulla Al Saleh, deputy secretary of the Ministry of the Economy, Foreign Trade and Industry. The bilateral trade volume between UAE and Pakistan as well as other trade strategies were discussed during the meeting.

Al Saleh said he was looking forward to further accelerating trade and economic relations with Pakistan and pledged his full cooperation in the future.

Khan Zaman mentioned that the UAE-based business community should take advantage of lucrative business opportunities in Pakistan to strengthen economic relations between the two sisterly countries.

He said Pakistan is blessed with natural minerals, agriculture and tourist tourism. He also called on the UAE to consider investing in the health, food, agriculture, travel and tourism, real estate and IT sectors in Pakistan, as a substantial return on investment can reasonably be expected. In addition, several suggestions for boosting trade between UAE and Pakistan were put forward.

Khan particularly suggested that it would be very beneficial for the UAE and Pakistan to agree to start the daily ferry service to transport essential food items (fresh fruits, vegetables and meat) from Pakistan to the UAE. This incentive will not only significantly reduce costs, but will also ensure the supply of fresh food to the UAE.

Iftikhar Hamdani (Area General Manager, Coral Beach Resort and Ajman Palace Hotel) said there is still a huge gap to be bridged in the hotel and tourism industry, especially in the northern regions of Pakistan. He also points out that many products of Pakistani origin go unnoticed in the UAE and international markets due to poor workmanship and appalling packaging.

Sohail Khawar (Pakistani goods importer) said the resumption of commercial and freight flights should be reassessed by the UAE government due to the dramatic rise in prices of goods imported to UAE from Pakistan.