USPS 2021 alternatives and cheapest way to ship a package in 2021

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USPS began its downturn on October 1, which means the prices are going up and the waiting time is longer. Fortunately, there are alternatives you can turn to that are both cheap and quick.

There are many discounts on shipping costs, and if you operate an e-commerce business you shouldn’t be charged retail shipping rates.

Through incentive programs, shipping software, and carrier negotiations, there are several ways to get discounts from carriers.

USPS alternatives with cheap shipping

Different carriers ensure delivery within a specific time. Below is a list of preferred services for some of the most common delivery times, according to ShipStation.

Keep in mind that these services are intended for packages of 10 lbs and less. It is best for heavier packages to check carriers individually or through a shipping cost calculator.

For 2-3 day shipping, you can use FedEx and UPS Ground Services. Normally, USPS Priority Mail offers the best rate, but since the slowdown plan is already in effect, there’s a good chance the prices have gone up.

UPS and FedEx both offer competitive rates for 7 lb packages. and above.

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Keep in mind that a residential surcharge applies to residential addresses when shipping packages via UPS or FedEx. This will add $ 3 to $ 4 to each shipment.

Sometimes these addresses aren’t listed as residential on the carrier’s platform, and you won’t even know you’re paying extra until you get an invoice.

USPS does not have a residential supplement because the Postal Service already plans to deliver to every address. That’s why heavier packages are starting to get more expensive, according to ShipEasy.

USPS First Class Mail and Parcels increased their prices on October 1, which means prices for other services doubled.

USPS has also changed its service schedule, which is now longer than usual, with first class mail arriving in five days compared to the usual three days.

Options for 2-day shipping

It is important to note that USPS does not offer a 2 day shipping service. According to the Washington Post, any package that needs to be delivered within two days must be sent via UPS 2nd Day service or FedEx 2 Day service.

Next day shipping options

FedEx and UPS are starting to offer competitive rates for next day or next day delivery. With hubs located around the world, UPS and FedEx are the carrier of choice for overnight shipping. You can choose UPS Next Day Air or FedEx Standard Overnight.

Options for next morning shipping

Similar to the next day shipping options, FedEx and UPS offer delivery before noon the next day. The fares between the two carriers do not vary too much differently.

For FedEx, the services you can choose from are FedEx Priority Overnight, which will be delivered by noon, and FedEx First Overnight, which will be delivered by 10:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time.

For UPS, you can choose UPS Next Day Air, which will be delivered before 12:00 noon, and UPS Next Day Air Early, which will be delivered by 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

International shipping options

For packages weighing 4 pounds or less, you can choose First Class Mail International services offered by FedEx and UPS. It falls under standard delivery, so it may take weeks for it to reach its destination.

If you want fast delivery, you can go for FedEx as it offers better rates compared to UPS as it has Economy International service.

If you need your delivery to be expedited, you can use the FedEx International Priority service. It is much cheaper than the UPS Worldwide Express service.

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