Why Eshopbox is becoming the best fulfillment service for Shopify merchants

Shopify has made it easy for these brands to create an online store. Likewise, social media channels have become preferred mediums for driving traffic to an online store.

However, meeting the growing demand remains a challenge.

As the D2C market continues to grow, customer service expectations have also increased. Consumers want same-day or next-day deliveries with the ability to track their orders. Instead of focusing on their core expertise in product development, branding, and marketing, D2C brands are forced to shift their focus to picking, packing, and shipping orders. Similarly, Ankush Karwa and Mayur Karwa struggled to manage the complex and time-consuming fulfillment operations of their e-commerce platform, Factory Rush.

Instead of just finding a solution to their own problems, Ankush and Mayur opted to build a supply chain that could support other e-commerce brands. An end-to-end fulfillment solution that unifies individual logistics operations so other contractors can focus on their core business.

Blackberrys, the most trusted premium menswear brand in India, has established its online store on the Shopify plus platform. Eshopbox’s deep integration with Shopify has provided Blackberrys with the flexibility to manage and automate the entire fulfillment process.

Eshopbox was the obvious solution for us. They align very well with Shopify and have innovative technology to streamline the execution of Shopify. Our team has all the tools we need to manage inventory, orders, payments, shipments, etc. says Ankur Gupta of Blackberrys.

The technology operated by Eshopbox powers its fulfillment network with a proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) used in each facility. This integrated e-commerce automation tool ensures Blackberry orders are automatically picked, packed and shipped.

Additionally, the brand stocks products close to its customers in Eshopbox fulfillment centers across the country. As a result, Blackberrys use locations that optimize and reduce transit time to get their products into the hands of their customers faster. At each stage of the order journey, tracking information is sent back to the Shopify store in real time and also sent to customers, giving them full visibility into the order.

India’s No. 1 women’s nutrition company, Nutizoe, manages its entire e-commerce lifecycle with Eshopbox. The brand ensures an exceptional customer experience with a self-service customer portal for seamless order tracking, proactive order updates, and automated returns and exchanges.

Eshopbox customer service continues to improve with real-time tracking and a better customer delivery experience. It’s a fulfillment partner that’s truly an extension of our brand,” says Nutrizoe’s Saanket.

Additionally, lower operating costs through Eshopbox’s pay-as-you-go pricing has accelerated Nutizoe’s growth and scalability.

“We have partnered with Eshopbox to expand our operations in North India. Speeding up deliveries to delight our customers is a top priority for us,” says Nikhil Gill of OZiva, India’s leading wellness brand at plant base that wants to expand its customer base.

The association of Eshopbox with MPL Sports (the official kit sponsor of the Indian cricket team) shows how the platform has simplified e-commerce operations for the brand. The partnership allowed the athleisure brand team to spend more time on marketing and scaling, as the realization was tackled behind the scenes.

Squish Town is a label of Indian origin with a premium range of bath and body products. The association with Eshopbox allows the brand to organize an exceptional unboxing experience thanks to personalized packaging. In addition, the orders are packed in transport-safe packaging. This ensures that customers receive their orders in the best possible condition.

Being in the business of e-commerce, it is imperative to have a coercive and smooth-running end-to-end system. With Eshopbox on board, we are assured of a smooth channel for warehousing, fulfilling and shipping all our orders, giving us time to focus on the business side of things,” says Pulkit S Khemka from Squish Town.

Shapen You, a premium wellness brand, was struggling to deal with the dark side of shipping, i.e. failed delivery attempts and RTO (return to origin) orders. Eshopbox verifies customer information and checks availability in real time to increase the success rate of delivery attempts. The brand also has access to customer data relating to PIN codes that highlight red flags to prevent fraudulent activity, such as return fraud.

Additionally, Shapen You maintains a zero weight discrepancy as Eshopbox weighs each item upon receipt of inventory at fulfillment centers with proof on demand. Based on the items in an order, the packaging algorithm determines the most optimal packaging and calculates the weight and dimensions of the order. This allows the brand to avoid any weight dispute with the courier company and avoid additional costs.

Today, Eshopbox fulfills millions of Shopify orders every month, serving customers with over 29,000 PINs in India. With a mission to fully automate order processing, Eshopbox continues to invest in the success of its merchants. The end-to-end logistics and fulfillment platform allows them to match the shipping speed of online marketplaces and create an Amazon-like experience.

The success of Eshopbox highlights the power of purpose, a model that shows that focusing on a goal is not only profitable, but also enables others to achieve their goal and changes the world in many ways that benefit us all.

The company was founded by brothers Mayur Karwa and Ankush Karwa to meet the advanced demands of the fastest growing brands. Logistics is no longer a cost center but a revenue generator. Big emerging brands have already discovered the winning combination of Shopify and Eshopbox, a solution that will help them grow for years to come. This technology stack holds the power to be the ultimate back office for D2C brands while cultivating deeper relationships and brand loyalty with customers.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalists are involved in the creation of this content.

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