Work on freight corridors is accelerating

All works contracts have been awarded and 100% of the land has been acquired for the two dedicated freight corridors, indicating that the ambitious project is gaining momentum.

In a corridor progress report, the Ministry of Railways said on Monday that 734 km of track on DFC West and 618 km of track on DFC East have been put into operation.

As many as 394 of the 543 major bridges have also been completed, the ministry tweeted.

“No. of trains running: 44,796. Freight loaded: NTKM 15.23 billion,” he added.

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About DFCs

The government has sanctioned two Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs), namely Eastern DFC and Western DFC.

Both corridors are expected to be completed by June 2023. The eastern DFC is 1,337 km, while the western DFC is 1,506 km.

“These two corridors are in progress, and at present, 1,339 km in length has been completed out of 2,843 km,” Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said last month.

The total cumulative capital expenditure for the construction of the two DFCs was ₹91,882 crore as of June 30, 2022.

The two corridors should help pave the way for the separation of freight and passenger services, which would lead to the decongestion of roads. They would also help run longer, heavier, taller and faster freight trains to achieve higher transportation efficiency with less transit time and lower cost, thus improving the modal share of railways.

Published on

August 23, 2022